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Guardian Sword Review

Squishy Finger Frenzy Review

Heroki Review

Discorun Review

Blendolous Review

Scatty Rat Review

SwapQuest Review

"Swap Quest" is a unique and engaging mixture of action-RPG mechanics and "Pipe Mania" style gameplay... Read More »

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Kung Fury Game Review

The official tie-in game for epic eighties action-film tribute "Kung Fury" kicks serious ass! Read More »

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Help Kickstart ‘Groove’, a Totally Groovy New ‘Tetris’ and ‘Lumines’ Inspired Puzzle Game

Christopher Christensen has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a "Tetris"/Lumines"-esque puzzler called "Groove"... Read More »

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Review

"Tiny Dangerous Dungeons" feels like an actual Metroidvania style experience from the classic Game Boy days... Read More »

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Help Kickstart ‘Bloxels’, a Seriously Cool Video Game Building System for Kids

Pixel Press’s Kickstarter campaign for "Bloxels" has gotten off to an absolutely brilliant start... Read More »

Help Kickstart ‘Sandigma: Rise of the Exiles’, an RPG That Pits Online Players vs Offline Players

Unicorn Game’s Kickstarter for "Sandigma: Rise of the Exiles" ends in just four days... Read More »

Sword of Xolan Review

"Sword of Xolan" is a well-made Sword ’n Sorcery themed 2D Platformer... Read More »

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Help Kickstart ‘Cats in Space Suits’, a Pretty Stellar Looking Gravity-Based Puzzle Game

Rapid Rabbit have launched a Kickstarter to help get "Cats in Space Suits" off the ground... Read More »

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey Review

"Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey" is a perfectly reasonable bout of free online hockey action for anyone on a limited budget... Read More »

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