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Devastator Review

Freeze! 2: Brothers Review

Pac-Man 256 Review

Clicker Heroes Review

Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Review

Forgotten Memories Review

Devastator Review

Radiangames' "Devastator" is a passable but disappointingly generic twin-stick shooter... Read More »

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Upcoming Movie Tie-in Game ‘Goosebumps: Night of Scares’ Sounds Surprisingly Great

Here's the lowdown on Cosmic Forces and Free Range Games' "Goosebumps: Night of Scares"... Read More »

Kickstarter Launched for ‘Black Belt,’ an Homage to 80’s Classic ‘Kung Fu Master’

Creative Minds' Kickstarter for "Black Belt" has hit the ground running... Read More »

‘Unkilled’ Fans Have Racked up 1000 Years of Gameplay in Just 10 Days

Madfinger has released some interesting stats on how well "Unkilled" is performing with its millions of fans... Read More »

Freeze! 2: Brothers Review

Anyone searching for tons of physics-based puzzling bliss will adore "Freeze! 2: Brothers"... Read More »

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The First Trailer for ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ Has Landed

The first trailer for the upcoming "The Angry Birds Movie" has just debuted on YouTube... Read More »

Get the ‘GTA’ Series and ‘Max Payne’ at Prices so Low They’re Almost Criminal

Rockstar Games are having a big sale on all their iOS "Grand Theft Auto" games... Read More »

‘Crossy Road’ Meets ‘Zelda’ in the Upcoming ‘Skeletomb’

Check out a trailer for Punk Labs' new endless runner/dungeon crawler "Skeletomb"... Read More »

‘Iwata the Game,’ a Tribute to Nintendo’s Late President, Is on Its Way to iOS

Guova Games' Kickstarter for an iOS version of "Iwata the Game" has met its funding goal with 2 days to spare... Read More »

‘Need for Speed No Limits’ Gets a Shiny New Teaser Trailer

Check out a new teaser trailer for EA and Firemonkey's upcoming "Need for Speed No Limits"... Read More »

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