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Duke Dashington Review

Max Gentlemen Review

Drop Wizard Review

Mikey Boots Review

Space Age Review

Legendary Strike Review

Hero Defense Pro Review

What would you get if you stripped the Castle Defense formula down to its most rock-bottom basics, added in about ten million dwarves, kicked the whole thing into hyperdrive, and zipped it up in a free package? Find out... Read More »

The Night Flier Review

For better or for worse, PageNet's latest game feels familiar right off the bat (no pun intended). Yet another cutesy, side-scrolling highscore-a-thon, The Night Flier challenges you to defy death for as long as possible as you swoop through... Read More »

Burn the City Review

Despite feeling like a close cousin to a certain bird-slinging physics puzzler at first, "Burn the City" eventually veers off into fresh territory that makes it well worth looking into for genre fans. Read More »

PD -prope discoverer- Review

PROPE's experiment with the Unreal Engine holds some surprisingly intriguing casual puzzle gameplay, say what you will about its preference for tranquility over depth of content. The real problem here is that the developer's been snarled by the most... Read More »

Feed the Rat Review

You'd think serving as a short-order cook for a mouse would be easy: just toss a piece of cheese on a plate and slide it on over. However, LovApps is determined to show us that it'll take more than... Read More »

Hills of Glory: WWII Review

Argh! A superbly designed Castle Defense game is thwarted by severe stability issues, at least on this reviewer's iDevice. Let's hope this gets fixed soon, because it's an absolute must-have for any genre fan who's lucky enough to get... Read More »

Idyllic Hands-On Preview

So, on the very same day we fire up our preview copy of the upcoming sidescrolling platformer "Idyllic," developer FatCow Games announces a writing contest to let one fan determine the answers to the game's deepest mysteries? Believe it... Read More »

RedLynx Interview

iFanzine recently had an opportunity to sit down with Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of Redlynx! How does a small indie developer go all the way to making big budget, big-name titles? As they say, attitude is everything! Read More »

Pirate Gunner Hands-On Preview

Arrr, if ye be a puzzle fan, ye better make way on your iDevice for this upcomin' game courtesy o' Black Pearl and Lakoo. That's what our hands-on time with the game so far be tellin' us. Savvy? Read More »

Bobby: Space Adventure Hands-On Preview

If there's one thing iOS isn't lacking it's creative physics puzzlers, but darn it all if these new releases don't keep us coming back for more! We recently got our hands on "Bobby: Space Adventure," a collaboration from Nooskewl... Read More »

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