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Air Chix Review

If there's one thing iOS gamers absolutely, positively can't get enough of, it's cute, flightless birds. The latest title to capitalize on this somewhat baffling phenomenon is Tokkao's Air Chix, a Copter-a-like 2.5D adventure which sees a brave little chick hopping aboard a paper plane and piloting it through a series of sidescrolling stages.
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Fantastic Knight In-Depth Review & Giveaway!

How can we possibly top a giveaway for an awesome experience like "Dream:scape"? Hmm...how about following it up with a giveaway for another "Fantastic" iOS game? If you're a KRPG fan you can rest assured that "Fantastic Knight" lives up to its title. Inside you can find out why, and how to score a copy of the game for free thanks to the generous folks at Minoraxis!
App Revolution

Opinion Piece: Viva La Mobile Revolution!

Well mobile gamers, the time has come for us to decide what it is we want. If you ask me, mobile gaming has come to a crossroads, so it's worth examining what people truly look for from the perfect iOS title. And, hey, if we shout it out from the rooftops, maybe, just maybe, some developer somewhere will hear one of us screaming lunatics and deliver!

Dream:scape Review

Are you one of the millions who have trouble initiating lucid dreams? speedbump studios has an app for that. An immersive virtual novella and above all a work of gorgeous interactive art, "Dream:scape" is a little lighter than average in terms of gameplay but still well worth a stay on many an iDevice. And if you happen to like a little nightmare mixed in with your dreams, get ready for what is sure to be one sweet ride!

Legendary Wars Updated! New Trailer & 10 Free Codes!!!

As you guys may have already surmised, we absolutely love Liv Games' Legendary Wars 'round these parts. Since its inception, this "Real-Time Strategy/Castle Defense/RPG combo" has received quite a bit of update love from Liv, but the v1.4 edition truly does trump all. Check out a full feature list, a shiny, new trailer and nab yourself a free copy (iPhone or iPad!) of the game after the jump!

Surfin’ Dude Review

A surfer has just found the gnarliest wave ever, but darn it all if an endless school of sharks hasn't popped up to spoil the tubular ride of a lifetime! Now this Surfin' Dude hangs in the balance; will he go on to be a surfing champ or wipe out and get a bite taken out of him?

Infernus: Verse 2 Review

What do Mayans, medieval monks, UFOs, and scientific experiments have to do with one another? Hopefully someone with the astounding insight needed to solve this game's ultimate riddle will let us know! Only those puzzle solvers with the keenest observational skills and greatest patience will survive to see the end of this one.
Touchgrind bmx logo

Touchgrind BMX Review

Illusion Labs' second extreme sports title builds on the success of their smash-hit Touchgrind, somehow managing to squeeze all the action and excitement of competitive BMXing onto the iOS platform...

Dreamy Giveaway: Dream:scape!

This one's sure to make a splash when it hits the App Store next Thursday. Here's some quick pre-release impressions now that we've played it fully. Oh, yeah, and did we mention we'll be giving away three copies? No, you aren't dreaming, silly -- look inside to find out how you can win one of them!

Digital Legends Interview

When someone responds to your interview questions with tons of videogame industry buzz words, you know you've got a veteran developer in the hot seat! Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO of Digital Legends Entertainment, lends us his perspective on what it takes to perform at the top of the heap in the ultra-competitive mobile market.

Par Out Golf Review

Let's be honest, for many Golf isn't an appealing sport. While it is competitive and very interesting, the mental endurance required to follow a game isn't something the average sports-fan possesses. Thankfully then, titles such as Par Out Golf allow us to us enjoy the finer points of a game of golf without the need for superhuman patience. Or hideous plaid trousers.