Epic Giveaway: Final Fantasy Tactics!

One, Two, Three, Four, we declare a Lion War! That's right, we're giving away up to four copies of "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions" for iOS depending on how many Tweets we rake in. No, we're not crazy. We're iFanzine. All you iPod Touch and iPhone-owning Zodiac Braves, sally forth and see what you must do for your chance to win!

Big Sticky Review

It's not without a few sticking points (pun absolutely intended), but "Big Sticky" succeeds in offering a unique and thoroughly challenging experience by turning the platformer genre topsy turvy.

Desert Zombie: Last Stand: Blisteringly Hot New Alpha Gameplay Trailer!

You may recall we wondered aloud in our Desert Zombie: Last Stand First Look article whether this upcoming Unreal Engine-powered game might end up being a linear, "on-rails" experience à la Doom Resurrection or RAGE. The latest teaser trailer and accompanying press release from Crystalised puts paid to the notion, revealing Last Stand to be a completely free-roaming, third-person shooter!

Tomb Slider Review

While we can't wait to see Alawar & friends tackle more action games after "Shake Spears!," the ultra-creepy but ultra-fun "Tomb Slider" reminds us why casual puzzle games are still the company's bread and butter.

Hands-On Preview: Danger Alliance

For all of you waiting on pins and needles to see what the fate of isometric turn-based strategy games will be on iOS, never fear: TOME Studios is hard at work proving that the genre can be executed just as well on a touchscreen as on a console. After spending some hands-on time with "Danger Alliance: Battles," we're not even sure we'll be able to go back to physical controllers for our TBS fix.

9mm Review

Overdosing on saccharine-sweet and cutesy titles can be a bit of an occupational hazard when working in the iOS games biz, so thankfully Gameloft have cooked up an antidote in the shape of 9mm, a hard-R rated, adult-toned third-person shooter that blends Grand Theft Auto's gritty aesthetic with pulse-pounding slow-mo gunfights à la Max Payne.

First Look: Wyv and Keep

"Across Age" and "Cavorite," stirred together? Be still, my beating heart! iFanzine recently spent some time with the PC demo for "Wyv and Keep," which will make it to iOS among the number of release platforms a jolly corpse is planning to tackle. Okay, maybe we're cheating, but we just couldn't resist getting our grubby game-previewing hands on this one after we learned about its cool teamwork premise.

Bouncy Mouse Hands-On Preview

Android players have been falling head over heels for Eric Karl's "Bouncy Mouse" for a few days now, but it sure is taking its sweet old time moseying on over to the App Store. What better way to pass the time than with a hands-on preview, so you can see what all the squeaking is about?

PirateGunner Review

Aye, if you pass up Black Pearl Games' and Lakoo's "Pirate Gunner" you be missing out on one o' the finest action puzzle experiences in the App Store Sea. Arrr!

Vermes on Mars Hands-On Preview

Aztlan Games sure like their creepy critters! Fresh off last April's "Multipods: Escalation," they're back already with lots more crawly things, and after some hands-on time with "Vermes on Mars" we're glad to see that they're really upping the ante! Action fans who are looking for depth and some fun on-the-fly strategizing will want to keep a keen eye on this one as it nears release.