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Out of Brakes Review

Lara Croft GO! Review

Neon Drive Review

Zombie Food Review

Number Chef Review

LIT Review

Pink Heaven Review

Combo Quest Review

Tiny Defense Review

"Tiny Defense" may not bring much innovation to the Castle Defense genre, but it's got more units and content than you can shake a robotic stick at. This is one that will underwhelm the genre fan at first, but... Read More »

The iFriday Roundup, No. 10

It's Freebie Friday at the App Store! As this article goes live, there could be just minutes left before they expire, so act quickly! If you miss these, not to worry -- there's still ample chance to win some... Read More »

#WEEKENDIOSAPPALOOZA: Re-tweet to #Win Hundreds of Awesome iOS Games!!!

iFanzine have teamed up with our friends at iPhoneGamer UK and Apps JP to put together what quite simply is our and biggest and best promo code giveaway ever. Remember the last iOSAPPALOOZA? Well, this blows it away! Read More »

Stardash Review

Aha, I think I've cracked the recipe OrangePixel used for creating "Stardash." It goes something like this. Step 1: start with "Super Mario Bros." Step 2: take away everything that helped Mario survive, and see how the player does.... Read More »

iWordJuggle Review

Adopting a less is more approach to the word game genre, Roland Leth’s iWordJuggle eschews fancy schmancy graphics, forced time limits, and other unnecessary bells and whistles in favor of a polished, sophisticated aesthetic and gimmick-free gameplay. Is it... Read More »

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Hands-On Preview: Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword

Hot on the heels of FatCow Games' "Idyllic," XperimentalZ Games is sprinting toward the finish line of yet another project that injects some depth into the side-scrolling genre. Oh, did we mention this one has lightsabers? Naturally we sought... Read More »

Idyllic Review

It's such a breath of fresh air to find an infinite side-scroller that doesn't feel like "Robot Unicorn Attack" or "Canabalt" all over again! But do the developers meet their stated goal of unifying casual and hardcore appeal, or... Read More »

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Wildlings Review

"Wildlings" is what would happen if the Castle Defense genre ran smack dab into one of those Discovery Channel documentaries that show predators trying to snatch helpless little'uns from their nests. Read More »

Lab Rats Studio Reveal Brand New M.U.S.E. Gameplay Footage!

Lest we forget Madfinger's Shadowgun isn't the only incredible looking Unity3D-powered third-person shooter gearing up to take the App Store by storm, Lab Rats Studio have just unveiled an incendiary new gameplay trailer for M.U.S.E.. Read More »

Burn the Rope: Worlds Review

Just about the only thing you can hold against "Burn the Rope: Worlds" is that it's so similar to the initial title -- but when the gameplay formula is this good, that's no bad thing. The new endless mode... Read More »

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