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Captain Slobber Review

I'm still trying to figure out why this bandana-wearin', heat-packin' pooch has outfitted his little sailboat with lasers and a jet engine, but suffice it to say Captain Slobber is out to prove that he's top dog. While this one is much too lightweight for sidescrolling shoot 'em up veterans, casual gamers drawn in by its art style should find it a fun and well crafted diversion for the short time it lasts.
Mighty Fin icon

Mighty Fin Review

Breakout App Store hit Tiny Wings has opened the floodgates wide for cute and quirky side-scrollers, the latest of which is Launching Pad Games' Mighty Fin. Does this underwater adventure offer a fresh take on a formula that's already starting to feel a bit old-hat?

Dragon’s Lair II Review

Electronic Arts follows up its iOS port of "Dragon's Lair" with a port of the sequel! It's pretty amazing how a blast from the past like this has fundamentally stood the test of time, but that doesn't mean the transition from arcade cabinet to iDevice went off without a hitch...
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Call of Mini: Zombies

Have you ever pondered what a third-person rendition of Minigore might look and play like? While Call of Mini: Zombie doesn't quite mimic the frenzied pace of Mountain Sheep's seminal dual-stick shooter, it is the closest 3D option currently available to gamers.

Spidey Riley Review

Whoa! This one came out of nowhere and ensnared me in its charming web. Klik! Games has taken a gear-riding concept we've seen before and fleshed it out to its true potential. Highly recommended to anyone who could go for a little physics puzzler in an action/adventure package, and for challenge seekers looking for something off the beaten path.
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First Look: Means of Escape

So you guys are looking forward to all the Unreal Engine-powered games on their way to the App Store, eh? Okay, here's another worth keeping an eye on. While digging around for details about Desert Zombie: Last Stand yesterday, I discovered Pub Games, one of the games studios involved with that title, are also hard at work on an intriguing platformer/puzzle game set to debut on PC and iPad later this year.

VineKing Review

It's not the most conventional way begin a review, perhaps, but before I start, I just want to say this: buy VineKing. In fact, grab the game right now and then come back and read this review while it downloads...! Yes folks, it's that good.

1000 Heroz Review

Has anyone ever left a game on his or her iDevice for three years straight? It seems unimaginable in the App Store's ultra-fast release environment but veteran racing game developer RedLynx is shooting for just that, and they've got exactly 1000 Heroz to back them up! The one-level-per-day content strategy might strike cynics as gimmicky, but there's actually a very solid little time attack racing game to be found here whichever way you slice it.
Desert Zombie

First Look: Desert Zombie: Last Stand

Unreal Engine! So hot right now! And what with Infinity Blade reportedly raking in $10 million thus far, it's little wonder iOS developers are falling over themselves to turn out the next UE3-powered App Store blockbuster (check out last month's exhaustive preview for more). The latest really, really ridiculously good looking title to crop up on iFanzine's radar is Desert Zombie: Last Stand.
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Air Chix Review

If there's one thing iOS gamers absolutely, positively can't get enough of, it's cute, flightless birds. The latest title to capitalize on this somewhat baffling phenomenon is Tokkao's Air Chix, a Copter-a-like 2.5D adventure which sees a brave little chick hopping aboard a paper plane and piloting it through a series of sidescrolling stages.