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Noty & Moky Review

Here's a game that tries hard to emulate the things we all love about titles like WarioWare or the Mario Party series, where you engage in a large and diverse range of "micro games". Something we don't see very often on iOS...

Brave Code Hands-On Preview

Lakoo, perhaps best known for the MMORPG "Empire Online," is trying its hand at an iOS exclusive, single-player Action RPG with the upcoming "Brave Code." Lakoo was generous enough to let our grubby little hands near a preview build, and take it from us: this is one to watch if you're looking for an Action RPG that completely shakes up the traditional genre formula!
Twilight Cherry Icon

Twilight Cherry Review

Visual novels are some of the more interesting review requests we get at iFanzine. This one, recently re-released by m-kz with an updated script, is quite the roller coaster, and in more ways than one! If you enjoy visual novels despite their sometimes curious translation quirks and you know what the word "moe" refers to when it comes to Japanese art styles, this one might just have your name on it.

Chaos Rings II Trailer

If the release of a new Chaos Rings game wasn't enough, it looks like Square Enix is not quite done infiltrating our minds with RPG stuff as only they can! Po...

First Look: 9mm, Gameloft get Gritty.

Gameloft popped off a trailer today for an upcoming game entitled 9mm that looks like it's either going to be a grittier and more adult successor to Gangstar or a hardboiled, action flick-inspired third-person shooter in a similar vein to Max Payne.

Army of Darkness: Defense Review

Undead hordes having such a treasured place on iOS, this had to happen eventually! In hindsight, the third Evil Dead movie was uncannily ripe for a transition from the big screen to the touchscreen, and now that it's said and done, it's not a bad thing at all for fans of sidescrolling Castle Defense.

Melon Truck Review

Next up, angry melons! Batuhan Akalin's truck-mounted, precision-guided fruits don't quite unseat the reigning champs of action and physics puzzlers when it comes to gameplay depth, but this game's real-time user feedback should still make it a contender for genre fans.

Rhino Musical Aptitude Test Review

Did you know that Sheryl Crow lent background vocals to Michael Jackson before striking out on her own, or that Van Halen's concert performance contract contained a line banning all brown M&Ms from their backstage candy bowls? Obscure musician-related factoids abound in the Rhino Musical Aptitude Test, which has made the jump from music store kiosks to your very own iDevice!

Writers and Game Reviewers Wanted

As iOS gaming continues to gather steam and win over new fans, so too does our site. What this means is, every day, we're getting inundated with more and more intriguing review requests, news tips and brilliant interview opportunities. Waaaay more than our modest, three man outfit can handle actually...

Invincible Demon Review

And for Infinibee's first magic trick: a dual stick shooter without dual sticks! Yes, by the wonders of touchscreen technology, such marvels are possible. While it doesn't quite match its UI innovation with gameplay depth, this is one that should still be of interest to longtime shoot-em-up fans. Especially if, like me, you take one look at the preview video and exclaim in a fit of nostalgia: "Super Smash T.V., is that you!?"