Air Force vs Luftwaffe Hands-on Preview

A tendril of black smoke belching from the bullet-riddled hide of my Hawker Hurricane, I swoop dangerously close to terra firma before jerking my iPod clockwise just before I hit the dirt. Soaring back upwards through the sky, I eviscerate a Jerry bomber with a hail of machine gun fire... Hell yeah! This truly is exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat stuff!
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The Last Ace of Space Review

They say cats always land on their feet but that certainly ain't the case for intrepid feline adventurer Ace, the star of Astro Crow's innovative twist on the endless running genre, who having come a cropper on an alien planet instantly finds himself under attack and on the run from an outlandish array of extraterrestrial nogoodniks.

Elemental Rage In-Depth Review

Not since Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" has it been this important to prevent leakage of story spoilers, and iFanzine dutifully complies in this in-depth review. If you're familiar with the terms "Metroidvania" or "Castleroid," then heads-up, because you'll surely want to look into this one!
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Order & Chaos Online: First Impressions

The long-awaited release of Gameloft's "true real-time, full-3D MMORPG", Order & Chaos, has finally happened. Following its initial Canada-only launch on Tuesday, the game is now available in App Stores globally. I quickly snapped it up and a full review simply wouldn't be possible at this point. Therefore, I've put together my first impressions for all of you who are as skeptical as I was about this title. Keyword: was.
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Death Rally Review

Remedy Entertainment have teamed up with Cornfox & Brothers and Mountain Sheep to remake the classic Death Rally for iOS. But does this shiny new re-do have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the current crop of racing games? Abso-freaking-lutely!

Army of Darkness: Defense (New Trailer!)

Dust off your boomstick because Backflip Studios’ eagerly awaited B-movie flavored take on the Tower Defence genre is blasting its way onto the App Store on May the 12th. Groovy! More juicy details and a brand new trailer after the jump.

Holy Moly! Dragons Review

Holy moly, yet another Real Time Strategy game on iOS!? Hey, as long as they're as absorbing and excellently polished as this dragon-filled title from three-man trio Adam Reilly and Hugo & Filipe Beyer, I'm not complaining!

‘Keep Ya Head Up Japan’ Giveaway!

You'll most likely remember that in the wake of the recent disaster in Japan, AppsJP and iPhoneGamerUK got together with an array of generous iOS games develope...

Ships N’ Battles Review

Don't you just love a title that tells you exactly what to expect from the game? Skahal Studios certainly delivers on their promise of ships, and battles, and what's more, the title of their debut iOS offering doubles as a clever play on the fact that it's a rendition of the much beloved classic "Battleship"!

Samurai Girl In-Depth Review and Giveaway!

That's one small step for a mobile RPG, one giant leap for sidescrolling action games on iOS! The great thing about a videogame straddling genres is that it can still stand out from the crowd as long as it does one of the things it's billed as exceptionally well, and this is certainly the case with CJ E&M and Mobicle's latest Action RPG offering. Find out how to score a free copy of the game inside!
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Greedy Bankers Review

What's this then, an iPhone game that takes a timely satirical swipe at the unscrupulous financial fat cats who've all but brought the world economy to its knees? Sadly, and in spite of Greedy Bankers boasting a unique political cartoon-ish art style, in name only. Instead Alistair Aitcheson's assured debut is a surprisingly compelling and sassy twist on the ol' Tetris style falling block/color matching puzzle mechanic.

Grove Keeper Review

What happens when you glue the Real-Time Strategy, Castle Defense, and Physics Puzzle genres together? Something pretty darn awesome as long as CGMatic Co. is behind it, that's what!