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Meqanic Review

Mucho Party Review

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Mondos Review

Netwars – The Butterfly Attack: Episode 1 Review

Simple Ball Review

Gravonaut Review

Now, here's something refreshing: an App Store entry that makes absolutely no pretenses. Right off the bat Nexus Game Studios lets you know that Gravonaut is very retro -- and very, very challenging. If you think you're prepared for... Read More »

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Red Gun Review

What with Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption doing a roaring trade on consoles and the Coen Brothers' True Grit currently wowing cinema goers, it's kinda surprising more western themed games haven't yet gunned their way into the App Store. Well,... Read More »

Bug Heroes In-Depth Review

Bug Heroes was already excellent when it took the App Store by storm last week, but Foursaken Media's first "bug" fix update has brought it to the level of pure gaming bliss. It doesn't really matter which genre you're... Read More »

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Smart Mouse Review

Smart Mouse's high concept premiss made me smile, it really did. The deal is, you've got to help an escaped lab mouse nab hard to reach pieces of cheese by strategically placing various objects around environments for him to... Read More »

Fox Tales: Escape from Dr. Goober Review

We had the opportunity to give a near-final pre-release copy of Won-O-Soft's Fox Tales a whirl a couple of weeks back, and really enjoyed the title's tilt based take on the old-school 2D platform game formula. For those of... Read More »

Devil Hunter X Review & Giveaway

If you secretly miss the days you used to spend swearing at your TV screen, NES or SNES controller in hand, Corefan's got a sidescrolling platformer just for you. It suffers from an atrocious translation and interface kinks that... Read More »

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iOS Gaming Preview: 2011 At a Glance

Even though we’ve barely gotten over the cracker that was Christmas 2010, a fair few new iPhone games have already been announced that have me very excited about the year ahead. Highlights include a potential GTA/Gangstar killer, an epic,... Read More »

Ramps Review

Based on an award-winning Flash game, Backabit's Ramps has been tweaked and enhanced in all the right places for its iOS debut. And once you spend a little time with this endearingly back-to-basics puzzler, it's not hard to see... Read More »

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Review

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light sees the iconic adventuress making the leap from Xbox Live and PSN to debut on iOS. Fans will no doubt be delighted to find Ms. Croft arrives looking as lovely as ever... Read More »

Bug Heroes Hands-On Preview

Foursaken Media has given iFanzine a sneak peek at its upcoming release, Bug Heroes. The idea of mashing up the Dual-stick Shooter, Action RPG, and Castle Defense genres might sound outlandish at first, but we're absolutely loving the results! Read More »

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