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Space Ninjas Review

TriBlaster Review

Monument Valley Review

Fright Fight Review

Mines of Mars Review

Coldfire Keep Review

Hysteria Project 2 Teaser Trailer

Just in time for Halloween, BulkyPix have unveiled an unnerving new teaser trailer for the upcoming Hysteria Project 2. A sequel to 2009′s filmic take on survival horror, the game will undoubtedly up the scare factor, and hopefully come... Read More »

Zenonia Retroview

"Retroviews" are becoming all the rage on reviews sites nowadays, and while the iPhone is still a young platform, it feels like there's already a decade's worth of titles for gamers to choose from. Therefore we thought it would... Read More »

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iPirate Battle: New Update!

iFanzine took a look at Enora Software's iPirate Battle a few weeks back, and while we were fairly taken with the game's core concept and well devised control scheme, overall, it failed to impress and was forced to walk... Read More »

Dragon Fire: Una’s Quest Review

A pretty epic sounding slice of scene-setting story proceeds Debug Design's interesting spin on the retro style, top-down shooter, Dragon Fire: Una's Quest. Evil Queen Hydra is ruthlessly culling dragons and collecting their "knowledge sparks", so that she might... Read More »

Free Games Round-up! (Mini-Reviews)

Time for another round-up of some great games that will cost you nada, nothing, absolutely zilch! We review and rate three new App Store freebies that are well worth downloading. Give your wallet a break, and check 'em out... Read More »

Samurai II: Vengeance Review

MADFINGER's followup to Samurai: Way of the Warrior brings to mind combo-heavy action games of the PlayStation 2 era owing to formidable gameplay and not just its luscious visuals. If you're squeamish at the sight of blood you need... Read More »

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Reckless Racing Review

We first heard tell of Reckless Racing a good ways back. The game instantly grabbed iPhone gamers' attention thanks to its gorgeous graphics, an old school arcade-y perspective, and the promise of plenty of rubber burning action set deep... Read More »

Predators Review

The general rule of thumb is that any game based around a movie is likely to rushed, sloppy affair designed solely to cash in on celluloid success and turn a quick buck. For this reason, I approached Chillingo's iPhone... Read More »

180 Review

180 is a mash up of Tetris, Bejeweled and Zuma. Well kinda. With so many Bejeweled clones out there, is the coin flipping feature and moving nature of the buttons enough to make the game stand out? Read More »

Donkey Punch Review

Despite the smutty connotation of its title, - if you don't know what I mean, try googling Donkey Punch (ahem) - Smooth Landon's latest is an innocuous enough little app in the Doodle Jump mould that, thanks to its... Read More »

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