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Invincible Demon Review

And for Infinibee's first magic trick: a dual stick shooter without dual sticks! Yes, by the wonders of touchscreen technology, such marvels are possible. While it doesn't quite match its UI innovation with gameplay depth, this is one that should still be of interest to longtime shoot-em-up fans. Especially if, like me, you take one look at the preview video and exclaim in a fit of nostalgia: "Super Smash T.V., is that you!?"

Tactical Warrior Review

Good game design sense trumps resources every time, at least when it comes to player enjoyment. Need proof? Look no further than this ultra-simple but ultra-fun Turn Based Strategy offering courtesy of James Pawliuk!

Dash Race Review

In an era where words like "pencil" and "paper" seem increasingly barbaric, it's good to know iOS developers are stepping forward to preserve some of the better things from days gone by. Here's one that might give you some serious déjà vu from your elementary school days!

Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie Overview

If you've been on the fence about Fishlabs' recent extension to Galaxy on Fire 2, or just need some encouragement while scraping together the purchase price, see inside for our very enthusiastic take on the new material. Now, this is the kind of In-App Purchase we wouldn't mind seeing more of!

Gears Review

Rather surprisingly, Crescent Moon's latest release, Gears, sees the lauded game studio ditch the epic scale, vast fantasy worlds and swords ‘n’ sorcery of Aralon and Rimelands, and turn out a casual rolling-ball platformer instead. Unsurprisingly, it rocks...
Zenonia 3 icon

Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story Review

iOS' definitive action RPG franchise by Gamevil returns with the third installment of the Zenonia series. Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story offers much of the same action as the first two games while cramming in more content and improved gameplay.

Sixth Seal Review

Why do I get the feeling that finishing this game will soon become a pre-requisite for joining the US Navy SEALs? Imre Fazekas and crew have whipped up a dream-fulfilling app for challenge seeking twitch gamers and unleashed a nightmare upon the casually inclined who haplessly step into it. Check inside to see if you have what it takes to become a lean, mean, glyph-drawing machine!
Puckerz New icon

Giveaway: Win Puckerz! Remastered & Grove Keeper HD!

We’ve got two top-rated games and a total of ten promo codes up for grabs this week! First up is Groundbreaking Games’ action-packed and addictive Puckerz!, which just received a massive new update. iPad owners who like their games quirky, cute and drop dead gorgeous are in for a real treat too with the HD version of Grove Keeper by CGMatic Co.

Vincere Totus Astrum Review

It's all Greek to some of us, perhaps, but the title of Gamesare Studios' first iOS outing should be music to the ears of strategy game fans who prefer something deep and with a sci-fi bent. It may be billed as a "Casual 4X Strategy Game" but the depth and amount of its content will hardly seem casual to most iOS gamers.
Squid Drop icon

Squid Drop Review

I’ll be honest, Nor Eagle’s new game, Squid Drop, didn’t immediately grab me. On paper, everything about it just seemed a bit too simplistic and shallow for my tastes. However, having spent a fun-filled hour or so weaving around its vibrant underwater world, I was well and truly hooked. Suffice to say, this unassuming looking little title has got hidden depths. And how!