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Spells Arena: The Signs of the Gods Re-Review

Tiny Pond Review

Light Run Review

Lipa Knight Valentine’s Review

Hunger Crunch Review

Death Gear Review

Pitman Review

Rat King Entertainment has served up a rewarding experience for dungeon crawler and roguelike fans who are willing to dig a little! Read More »

First Look: Means of Escape

So you guys are looking forward to all the Unreal Engine-powered games on their way to the App Store, eh? Okay, here's another worth keeping an eye on. While digging around for details about Desert Zombie: Last Stand yesterday,... Read More »

VineKing Review

It's not the most conventional way begin a review, perhaps, but before I start, I just want to say this: buy VineKing. In fact, grab the game right now and then come back and read this review while it... Read More »

1000 Heroz Review

Has anyone ever left a game on his or her iDevice for three years straight? It seems unimaginable in the App Store's ultra-fast release environment but veteran racing game developer RedLynx is shooting for just that, and they've got... Read More »

First Look: Desert Zombie: Last Stand

Unreal Engine! So hot right now! And what with Infinity Blade reportedly raking in $10 million thus far, it's little wonder iOS developers are falling over themselves to turn out the next UE3-powered App Store blockbuster (check out last... Read More »

Air Chix Review

If there's one thing iOS gamers absolutely, positively can't get enough of, it's cute, flightless birds. The latest title to capitalize on this somewhat baffling phenomenon is Tokkao's Air Chix, a Copter-a-like 2.5D adventure which sees a brave little... Read More »

Fantastic Knight In-Depth Review & Giveaway!

How can we possibly top a giveaway for an awesome experience like "Dream:scape"? Hmm...how about following it up with a giveaway for another "Fantastic" iOS game? If you're a KRPG fan you can rest assured that "Fantastic Knight" lives... Read More »

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Opinion Piece: Viva La Mobile Revolution!

Well mobile gamers, the time has come for us to decide what it is we want. If you ask me, mobile gaming has come to a crossroads, so it's worth examining what people truly look for from the perfect... Read More »

Dream:scape Review

Are you one of the millions who have trouble initiating lucid dreams? speedbump studios has an app for that. An immersive virtual novella and above all a work of gorgeous interactive art, "Dream:scape" is a little lighter than average... Read More »

Legendary Wars Updated! New Trailer & 10 Free Codes!!!

As you guys may have already surmised, we absolutely love Liv Games' Legendary Wars 'round these parts. Since its inception, this "Real-Time Strategy/Castle Defense/RPG combo" has received quite a bit of update love from Liv, but the v1.4 edition... Read More »

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