City of Secrets Review

This console quality offering from Aidem Media is so easy to jump into, yet so satisfyingly varied and content-packed, that it easily straddles the border between casual and hardcore appeal. It feels sinfully underpriced on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but don't worry; we won't tell anyone should you happen to indulge.

Woozzle Review

Mugeaters never explain what a "Woozzle" is exactly, but Action Puzzle fans looking for something a little off the beaten track will likely forgive them this one trespass. Extremely well polished and excellently fleshed out, this one is a must-have for genre fans - and for that matter, anybody able to resist the lullaby of its ultra-soothing, nature-friendly presentation.

Bow Mobile Interview

The kind folks over at AppsJP served as our go-between for an interview with Bow Mobile CEO Ryosuke Jinno. Find out a little more background on the iOS release of Double Dragon, and Bow Mobile's future plans for the game, inside!

Multipods: Escalation Review

Aztlan Games jumps into the RTS, Castle Defense, and Action Puzzle genres in a way that's ambitious and yet streamlined for the price range. But do these little multi-legged arthropods scurry to the most interesting levels fast enough to keep the player's attention?
zoombie digger icon

Zoombie Digger Review

Well, it beggars belief, but App Store newcomers Crazy Bit take two of iOS' most hackneyed genres - the zombie game (groan) and 2D Tower Defense (double-groan) respectively - schmoosh 'em together, and, against all odds, still trot out one of the most addictive, visually unique and fantastically entertaining titles I've had the pleasure of playing all month.

Fruit Juice Tycoon 2 Review

Minoraxis returns with a fruity mix of business simulation, RPG, and action puzzler. Definitely one of the more interesting genre mashups, and RPG fans might be surprised at just how much mileage they'll be able to squeeze out of this one!
land-a-panda icon

Land-a Panda Review

If Big Pixel were aiming to out-cute practically every other game on the App Store with Land-a Panda, they succeed with flying colors. This physics-based puzzler, which tasks you with reuniting a pair of star-crossed panda bears who (repeatedly) find themselves at opposite ends of intricate up-in-the-air obstacle courses, oozes charm and off-kilter charisma from every black and white pore.

iGADGET In-Depth Review

Many classic games from the 1990s deserve reincarnation and a new chance to shine on the iOS, but sadly, GADGET might not be one of them. While it's easy to see how this interactive movie-of-sorts marked a critical turning point in videogame history when first released in 1993, its content suffers from critical design flaws laid all too bare by the test of time.

Monkube Interview

Sven Van De Perre of Monkube took some time out from his busy game development schedule to chat with iFanzine. You'll recall Monkube recently brought us "6th Planet," a fusion of game and comic book so interesting, cleverly designed, and well polished that we just had to give it a perfect score. Read inside for the story behind Monkube's debut project, and see whether "6th Planet" is just the tip of the iceberg for this must-watch iOS game development studio!

Paleolithics Promo Code Giveaway!

Up for grabs in this week's giveaway are five codes for Instant Games' innovative sidescrolling adventure Paleolithics. This fun and addictive game, which we recently awarded a well-deserved 4.5/5 stars, puts you in concurrent control of a family of cutesy cave people as they traverse a vibrant Jurrasic world, hunting and being hunted by an array of ferocious creatures, gathering materials and crafting rudimentary tools and weaponry.

Legendary Wars Just Got Even More Legendary!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Liv Games' critically lauded Legendary Wars just received an epic update! The retooled game now boasts crisp Retina display enhanced graphics, Game Center integration and a host of other improvements, while a built-from-scratch free version packed with custom content has also been launched in celebration. Full press release after the jump, and be sure to check out our in-depth review and inspirational interview with Liv Games too!