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Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

Getaway – Zombie Plague Review

Bounce Vortex Review

Turret Alert Review

Racing Tyres Space Review

Jumpy Jester Review

Interview With Ryan Mitchell, Creator of Mission Europa

There's one question on the mind of everyone eagerly awaiting the release of Mission Europa right now: "Arrrgh, how long is this approval process going to take!?" Never fear, because Ryan Mitchell - the one-man army responsible for BansheeSoft's... Read More »

The Flood: Salvation Review

The key elements of well-liked physics puzzle games such as Ramps and Angry Birds really aren't all that difficult to decipher. Let's see, both boast an intuitive concept, just the right balance of trickiness and 'one more go' playability,... Read More »

Puckerz! Review

I wouldn't normally begin a review by immediately gushing over the game's sound design, but, honestly, it was the pounding techno score that made me sit up and start paying closer attention to Puckerz! - a title that, before... Read More »

Falling Fred Hands-On Preview

Dedalord Games debuted on the App Store with a stylish and eerily atmospheric sokoban puzzler that cast players as the deranged inmate of a dingy, blood-stained loony bin. And it doesn't look this indie outfit is lightening up any... Read More »

Legendary Wars Giveaway: 15 Codes Up For Grabs!

Liv Games' Legendary Wars earned a close to perfect score from iFanzine's discerning lead reviewer, Sean Koch, when he gave this "Real-Time Strategy/Castle Defense/RPG combo" an in-depth appraisal recently. And now thanks to the latest update - which, amongst... Read More »

First Look: XS Force (Teaser Trailer)

Having been weaned from an early age on a diet of Schwarzenegger and Stallone flicks, the press release for Rocket 5 Studios’ upcoming arcade shoot ‘em up couldn’t help but catch my eye. The game, catchily entitled XS Force, looks set to... Read More »

Grim Joggers Review

It's likely that at the brainstorming session for this game, some clever clogs piped up with the undeniably inspired suggestion, "Hey, guys, why don't we fuse Canabalt with Lemmings? That could be kind of cool" Well, 10tons Ltd did.... Read More »

Mission Europa Hands-On Preview

BansheeSoft just swooped in with a preview build of Mission Europa, the studio's breakout First Person Shooter/Action RPG mashup. Combining the depth of an RPG with quick-on-your-feet strafing action to great effect, this is one well constructed indie title... Read More »

Chop Chop Caveman Review

Man, I am so not down with the kids. Case in point? I somehow managed to almost completely miss out on the Chop Chop craze that's been sweeping the App Store ever since Gamerizon released Chop Chop Ninja back... Read More »

Devil May Cry 4 refrain In-Depth Review

Dante joins Nero as a playable character thanks to the latest update, but here's a sad irony: those who are in a position to care most will enjoy Devil May Cry 4 refrain the least. This is the kind... Read More »

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