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Zaxxon Escape Review

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling Review

Crazy Taxi: City Rush Review

Third Eye Crime Review

The Way Home Review

Tri Review

Captain Puzzle Review

Tired of an apparently never ending barrage of bland puzzle games that seem content to rehash the ol' Match-3 formula without ever really contributing much in the way of innovation or originality to the genre? Well, never fear folks,... Read More »

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden In-Depth Review

Yes, if you're a longtime veteran of 3D Action RPGs you'll slip up and call Ayden's horse "Epona" a few times, but once you start taking in the excellently crafted vistas of Hy-err, Lasgalen, you won't find much to... Read More »

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Cardboard Castle Review

You really only have to glance at one of its sumptuous screenshots or give the trailer a quick viewing to get a sense of the care, love and attention that went into crafting Cardboard Castle. It's a shame then... Read More »

Hot Damn: Win Devil May Cry 4 refrain!

So how the heck do we top last week's Dead Space promo code contest that received a record-smashing number of retweets? Simple. We mark the iOS debut of an arguably even bigger game franchise with yet another great giveaway.... Read More »

Hysteria Project 2 Review

As a heavily interactive, Avant-garde horror flick, Hysteria Project 2 succeeds wonderfully at furnishing an impressive psychological experience you might not want to play in the dark. Strictly judged as a videogame, however, Bulkypix's highly experimental offering trips a... Read More »

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Burning Bubbles LAB Review

Although things are picking up now with a flurry of great games, let's be honest, to begin with, January was a pretty slow month for the App Store in terms of notable new releases. The upshot of this lull?... Read More »

Martin Wheeler Interview and Contest: Win a Copy of Surveillant!

Meet the game designer behind Recluse Industries' "Surveillant," the deadliest game of Hide-and-Seek you'll find on the iOS. While electro fans will know him best as the man behind the music of Vector Lovers, Martin Wheeler's been designing hit... Read More »

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden will launch for free?!

Gameloft have just been in touch to let us know their latest title, action RPG Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, will be galloping into the US App Store tomorrow, February the 3rd. It's being hyped as iOS' answer to... Read More »

Legendary Wars In-Depth Review

2011 just isn't letting up on superb entries in the iOS games library, is it? Liv Games joins the ranks of expert iOS developers with a Real-Time Strategy/Castle Defense/RPG combo that's as addictive as it is beautiful. One interface... Read More »

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Scary Good Giveaway: Win Dead Space Promo Codes!

You honestly didn't think iFanzine would let something as epic as Dead Space landing on iOS pass without celebrating somehow, did you? Of course you didn't. Courtesy of the kind folks at EA Games, we've got not one, not... Read More »

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