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Sword of Xolan Review

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey Review

Sweet Revenge Review

Tetrobot and Co. Review

Duke Dashington Review

Drop Wizard Review

The Greedy Sponge Review

While its tutorial trips up and its matching style isn't immediately intuitive, "The Greedy Sponge" well rewards action puzzle fans who are willing to stick with it. If you think a cross between Match-3 (actually, make that "Match-5") and... Read More »

Shake Spears Review

Best jousting game ever? You betcha. One of the greatest and most memorable iOS games in its price range? Yeah, that too. Alawar Entertainment and Wake Up Studios have brought us something truly impressive. Read More »

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Rolling Ranch Review

Don't you just love discovering a surprisingly great game in the App Store that released to little fanfare but really, really deserves any and all recognition it can get? I sure do, and Rolling Ranch, a cute and quirky... Read More »

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

The latest Transformers movie's huge box office haul proved once again that the franchise is utterly critic proof. The same is most likely true of this tie-in game courtesy of Electronic Arts, and despite its shortcomings anyone with a... Read More »

Color Bandits Review

Well, color us impressed! This is the kind of arcade experience we could use a lot more of on iOS -- even if long-time fans of sidescrolling shoot-em-ups are liable to find it a little on the easy side. Read More »

Pinball Dreams HD Review

You’d think that iOS gaming would be the perfect medium for digital pinball. Who wouldn’t love to steal a few moments waiting for a bus or during study hall playing their favorite table? And while there have been about... Read More »

Cave Dweller: Dy-No-Mite Review

"Cave Dweller" is sure to be a pleasant surprise for most casual puzzle fans who pick it up. Superbly crafted levels keep its core concept fresh enough for genre fans, but those in search of a gameplay style that... Read More »

Hero Defense Pro Review

What would you get if you stripped the Castle Defense formula down to its most rock-bottom basics, added in about ten million dwarves, kicked the whole thing into hyperdrive, and zipped it up in a free package? Find out... Read More »

The Night Flier Review

For better or for worse, PageNet's latest game feels familiar right off the bat (no pun intended). Yet another cutesy, side-scrolling highscore-a-thon, The Night Flier challenges you to defy death for as long as possible as you swoop through... Read More »

Burn the City Review

Despite feeling like a close cousin to a certain bird-slinging physics puzzler at first, "Burn the City" eventually veers off into fresh territory that makes it well worth looking into for genre fans. Read More »

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