The iFriday Roundup, No. 6

Whoa, all these free games forced us to make this week's roundup a full two pages long! Check the first page for tons of unbeatable freebies, and don't forget to flip over to the second for our usual celebration of noteworthy updates and cool iOS gaming news!

Treemaker Review

A great physics puzzler done in by a poor tutorial. If you're willing to contend with some guesswork - or if you've already been prepared by our review, for that matter - "Treemaker" is one that physics and action puzzle fans would do well to swing into.

Pickpawcket Review

Not only is "Pickpawcket" one of the best art history lessons you'll find on iOS, it's a really cool game too! Maybe it's not that port of "Metal Gear Solid" you've always wanted on your iDevice, but fans of stealth action and logic puzzle games are nevertheless highly encouraged to give this one some well-deserved attention.
Jelly Wars icon

Jelly Wars Review

Eschewing the likes of Openfeint and Game Center, Jelly Wars employs Star Arcade Oy's very own social gaming platform to pit iOS, Android, and Symbian gamers from across the globe against each other in quirky turn-based battles...

Solar Rescue Densetsu Review

The makers of "Vincere Totus Astrum" return, this time reviving a golden oldie from 1979! If "Lunar Lander" games just aren't challenging enough for you any more, this is one you definitely don't want to miss out on.

RobotRiot Hands-On Preview

In our latest hands-on preview we get a sneak peek at Retromite's upcoming iOS debut, "Robotriot." If you're a side-scrolling platformer fan, this one is aiming straight at your heart, as it hearkens back to an era that many would agree was the genre's golden age.

Desert Quest Review

An imbalanced title if there ever was one! "Desert Quest" packs in gorgeous visuals, variety, smoothly working technicals, and plenty of content. It's set back by the fact that the core of its gameplay is composed of rather lackluster combat and a find-the-needle-in-the-haystack approach to mission objectives.
Zen icon

Explosive Giveaway: Win Zen Wars, Empire War & Solar Rescue Densetsu!

Now that the almighty iOSAPPALOOZA has rolled out of town, our own weekly promo code giveaway is back with a bang! Providing aforesaid bang are an awesome trio of prizes including Zen Wars, Empire War, and Solar Rescue Densetsu! You know the drill by now folks: attack those Twitter accounts mercilessly to be in with a shot of winning these great games!

The iFriday Roundup, No. 5

Another roundup full of freebies, sales, intriguing news bytes, and even fifteen minutes of "Final Fantasy Tactics." Does it get any better than this?

Ninja Sniper Review

Watch out -- this one might blow your fingers off! Well, that's what some of the promotional material for "Ninja Sniper" suggests, but rest assured that sufficient work went into the translation of what little text lies inside. If you're a twitch shooter fan and always wanted to be a ninja, this one might be right up your alley!
Cute Shoot icon 2

Cute Shoot! Review

The whole hand-drawn graphics gimmick has been done a thousand times before on iOS, yet something about Morten Andersen's App Store debut, Cute Shoot!, still managed to pique this doodle-weary reviewer's interest. Yeah, you guessed it, it was the game's utterly crazy plot which revolves around a badass kitty armed with a machine gun mowing down hordes of monsters...