Run Fox Run Hands-On Preview

Ok, so normally I would refrain from giving an upcoming game anything even approaching a definite appraisal until the end product has been released onto the App Store, but having put a beta build of Chris Johns' Run Fox Run through its paces, I'm just gonna come out and say it: barring any major last-minute cock-ups, this slick little side-scroller has smash-hit written all over it!

Alpha Swarm Review

One of the App Store's true hidden gems, "Alpha Swarm" lifts elements from the logic puzzle, physics puzzle, and shoot 'em up genres, blending them into a wonderfully refreshing experience. Now, if only it weren't marred by a few interface flaws!
Exitium Icon

Exitium In-Depth Review

With a slick four-viewpoint system, a gorgeous presentation, and a user interface that builds on the standard set by "Fantastic Knight" going for it, Minoraxis' "Exitium" is a product KRPG fans will definitely want to sink their teeth into. Provided, of course, that they haven't tired of the genre's fetch quests, where "Exitium" has shifted into high gear and gone straight into overkill mode.
Scream n Run

Scream ‘N’ Run Review

Scream 'N' Run sidesteps convention by requiring you to use your vocal chords instead of fingers or thumbs to help your character dodge enemies...

The iFriday Roundup, No. 4

A rare alignment of the stars must have happened, because there are an awful lot of massive content updates being coupled with sales right now!

Tero Review

We love it when devs throw tradition out the window and try something completely new! Now, if Studio Yomi could just come up with a replacement for traditional level design principles to go with their brand spankin' new platforming interface, they'd have a real classic on their hands.
Reckless logo

Reckless Getaway Review

Make no mistake, this spin-off from the rip-roarin' good time that was Reckless Racing is quite a different beast gameplay-wise.

Zombie Minesweeper Review

If you sat down with me for a game design chat, I'd probably recommend two ideas be crossed right off the list of possibilities: anything too reminiscent of "Minesweeper," and zombies. However, Frogtoss Games had an extraordinary insight -- what about combining the two? It turns out that the result is kind of awesome.
ZW Big Thumb

Zen Wars In-Depth Review

Wanted: artillery commander to stop land-hoarding megalomaniac. Shortage of manpower requires doubling as an engineer during off-hours. Should your brain survive, compensation will include Game Center bragging rights and a Multiplayer Mode that's pretty darn good.

CLAW Review

When the netherworld messes up their plan to become human, a Bear and a Tiger go on a rampage to kick some demonic tail. "CLAW" may not have all the depth needed to compete with classic side-scrolling beat 'em ups, but it proves that the genre is workable on iOS, and it sure is pretty to look at!

Interview with Patrick Wolowicz, Creator of “Zen Wars!”

Thanks to Liv Games we were able to spring an ambush on Patrick Wolowicz, the man behind subzero.eu and developer of "Zen Wars," and he had no choice but to let us interview him. The interrogation turned out exceedingly well, as we came out of it with over two pages' worth of juicy details about the making of this awesome upcoming strategy game!

Gravity Lab! Review

Mobile Snap has set a new standard for physics puzzlers with this deep and well polished offering. How can "Gravity Lab!" not stand out when it gives you exactly four times the physics to worry about compared to the genre norm?