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Interview: The Multimedia Fusion 2 iOS Exporter

A couple weeks back we learned that Chris Carson, responsible for programming "Vincere Totus Astrum" and "Solar Rescue Densetsu" under the Gamesare Studios label, also happens to work for Clickteam. How could we pass up the chance to get a few questions answered about Multimedia Fusion 2 and the new iOS Exporter? Those with an interest in game design need to check this out!

Muffin Knight Review

"Muffin Knight" might just be the weirdest action game I've ever played. If you consider yourself an action or platformer fan, though, this one is well worth checking into for its unique approach to character class changing.

The iFriday Roundup, No. 7

Spring may be the season when love is in the air, but Fall is the time for iOS sales. So let's see those leaves fall and celebrate Labor Day, baby! So many sales are taking place on the App Store it's not even funny, making this the biggest iFriday Roundup yet. Be sure to check the second page for updates and news, as well as a writing contest from SEGA of America!
Bridge the Gap Icon

Bridge the Gap Review

Arrr, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day here at iFanzine again, thanks t' Monster Robot Studios debutin' with this engineerin' puzzle game. I be warnin' ye, don't let yer bridge pieces sink into Davy Jones' locker here!

Bobby: Space Adventure Review

If you’re a physics puzzle or action puzzle fan who’s sick and tired of these genres treating players with kid gloves — boy, does "Bobby" have something for you! Its fun and unique concept should attract the interest of many, but it will be most enjoyed by those who possess sniper-like patience and skill.

Dobsoft Studios Interview and Giveaway!

In our latest interview, Will Dobson of Dobsoft Studios takes a break from gunslinging to chat with us about their slick upcoming action game, "Gun Fu." Dobsoft has some promo codes in store too -- find out what you have to do for a chance to score them at the end of the interview!

Up and Up! Review

Whoa, it so happens "Bouncy Mouse" wasn't the last we've heard from stretchy, cheese gobbling heroes! "Up and Up!" really ups the ante on difficulty by comparison, so consider this the most challenging set of flaming hoops you're liable to find for two bucks.

Super Bit Dash Hands-On Preview

"Super Bit Dash" isn't just shaping up to be a great running game -- it's shaping up to be a fun and carefully designed platformer, which bodes extremely well for it in a genre that's been beaten to death so much over the App Store's life time. Whether you're a running genre enthusiast, a platformer fan, or a retro lover, Fakepup has created something you'll really want to sink your teeth into!
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Warm Gun: Carnival of Bullets New Trailer!

What would make Emotional Robots' upcoming Unreal Engine-powered multiplayer shooter Warm Gun even more of a tantalizing prospect than it already is? How about a free standalone single-player companion piece packed with achievements, mini games, and all sorts of other awesomeness? ...Yeah, that should do it!

Emissary of War Review

Stop the presses -- "Emissary of War" is going for a buck now!? Hardcore RPG fans will find it short and its gameplay lightweight, but its story and production values are difficult to pass up at this lowered price tier. If you're an RPG fan of any stripe, you are definitely advised to check out the freely downloadable first half at least.