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Interview With Bane Games

With the release of Bane Games' naval warfare shoot 'em up, "Battle Group," nearing, it's about time we whip out our chat with Director Alistair Doulin. So, just how did Bane Games conjure up a sense of military realism in their latest game? You might be surprised by the answer!

Super Bit Dash Review

Fakepup may have gone back to 2D since their debut with "Snowball Smash" last year, but they've also raised the bar for their work with this slick take on the running genre. Even if you can't imagine picking up yet another running game, you'd do well to give "Super Bit Dash" a good look, and if you're a retro platformer fan it should extend to your interests as well.

Giveaway: Win Shadowgun, Jelly Defense, & Terrafarmer HD!

It’s the weekend again, which can only mean one thing here at iFanzine: time for another awesome giveaway! And, oh boy, do we have some absolutely great stuff in the virtual prize-bag this week. Up for grabs are free copies of Jelly Defense, Terrafarmer HD, and a little game you probably haven’t heard all that much about yet called Shadowgun.

Arcade Jumper! In-Depth Review

Can the presence of Mr. Destructoid single-handedly salvage a videogame? If "Arcade Jumper!" is any indication, the answer is a resounding: "Yes!" Black Hive Media's latest iOS entry may be rough around the edges, but Destructoid's mascot, among other playable heroes, lend it some of the depth I've so longed for in iOS platformers.

Commander Pixman Review

"Commander Pixman"'s level design transcends its presentational simplicity, taking the preferences of the modern mobile gamer well into account. Pixman's levels are both bite-sized and appreciably complex -- which should seem like an oxymoron on paper, but One Minute Games pulls it off handily.

Image & Form: Interview and Giveaway!

For our latest interview, we chatted up a storm with Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form! It's a dramatic and insightful mega article, and while you're reading the conclusion on the third page, won't you be a dear and log into Twitter? There could be a free copy of "Anthill" in it for you!

RobotRiot Review

As a platforming experience that serves up retro challenge without necessarily making the player tear his or her hair out, "RobotRiot" is a sure bet for genre fans. This is like stepping into a time machine and winding up in 1991!

Videos: Stardash & Vertex Blaster with Joypad Support!

Scouring Twitter for some interesting iOS gaming-related stories earlier today, I happened across links to a couple of very neat videos which showcase two of iFanzine’s current favorite indie games, Stardash and Vertex Blaster, being played using Zell Applications’ Joypad Elite...