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Space Ninjas Review

TriBlaster Review

Monument Valley Review

Fright Fight Review

Mines of Mars Review

Coldfire Keep Review

Land-a Panda Review

If Big Pixel were aiming to out-cute practically every other game on the App Store with Land-a Panda, they succeed with flying colors. This physics-based puzzler, which tasks you with reuniting a pair of star-crossed panda bears who (repeatedly)... Read More »

iGADGET In-Depth Review

Many classic games from the 1990s deserve reincarnation and a new chance to shine on the iOS, but sadly, GADGET might not be one of them. While it's easy to see how this interactive movie-of-sorts marked a critical turning... Read More »

Monkube Interview

Sven Van De Perre of Monkube took some time out from his busy game development schedule to chat with iFanzine. You'll recall Monkube recently brought us "6th Planet," a fusion of game and comic book so interesting, cleverly designed,... Read More »

Paleolithics Promo Code Giveaway!

Up for grabs in this week's giveaway are five codes for Instant Games' innovative sidescrolling adventure Paleolithics. This fun and addictive game, which we recently awarded a well-deserved 4.5/5 stars, puts you in concurrent control of a family of... Read More »

Legendary Wars Just Got Even More Legendary!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Liv Games' critically lauded Legendary Wars just received an epic update! The retooled game now boasts crisp Retina display enhanced graphics, Game Center integration and a host of other improvements, while a built-from-scratch free version... Read More »

Baa! Run Review

Up-and-coming indie developers Blue Shadow Games embrace the wackiness of a vintage Warner Bros. cartoon for Baa! Run, a very different and altogether more light-hearted follow-up to their gritty debut Death Cop: Mechanical Unit. And if you're a fan... Read More »

Paleolithics Review

Hunting and gathering has never been this much fun! You'd never know it from its ultra-streamlined premise and unembellished Stone Age aesthetic, but "Paleolithics" is easily one of the most compelling ninety-nine cent offerings on the App Store right... Read More »

Double Dragon In-Depth Review

Beat 'em Up genre fans are liable to have a stormy love affair with this revamped edition of the game that started it all. Brought to us courtesy of Bow Mobile, Double Dragon's iOS incarnation has more depth and... Read More »

Insane Giveaway: Final Fantasy III!

There's little doubt that a game of this pedigree has enough high quality content to merit the $15.99 price tag, but nevertheless, its surprise appearance has probably left a lot of iDevice owners thinking they might have to forego... Read More »

Bubble Dreams Review

I'm not sure if the soothing piano music which gently plays throughout, the chimerical visuals being bathed in soft and warm pastel hues, or simply the relaxed and relaxing pace of the gameplay were to blame, but a few... Read More »

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