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Clicker Heroes Review

Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Review

Forgotten Memories Review

Squishy Finger Frenzy Review

Guardian Sword Review

Heroki Review

Discorun Review

Interview with Infinite Dreams

We recently had a chat with Marek Wyszynski of Infinite Dreams, the creators of "Jelly Defense!" Check inside to see just how long iDreams' hit Tower Defense title was in production before it released last month, and find out... Read More »

Chicken Coup Remix Review

Chicken Coup Remix should enjoy a lengthy stay on the iDevices of casual gamers who seek frantic action and have a penchant for leaderboard competition. Don't look here for depth or evolving complexity though. Read More »

Zombie Samurai Review

The slicing genre may compete with the endless runner for most worn-out concept on iOS, but "Zombie Samurai" is a compelling package thanks to the way it marries the depth of the Castle Defense genre with swipe-at-everything gameplay. Read More »

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Puzzled Rabbit Review

Do you like logic puzzles? And do you like making rabbits happy? If you answered "yes" to both of those, then Pixel Elephant has got a game just for you! You'll want to brush up on "Sokoban" before diving... Read More »

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Interview: Honey Tribe Studios and Salamandaga

If you consider yourself an Action or Action Adventure fan, it sounds like you've got plenty to look forward to in "Ashley Ao," the first collaboration between seasoned iOS developer Honey Tribe Studios and artist Salamandaga. The moment we... Read More »

Powder Monkeys Review

Fans of RPGs, Action RPGs, and Real Time Strategy games are guaranteed tons of fun with "Powder Monkeys" -- as long as they appreciate the supreme challenge of managing naval warfare on a very tight in-game budget, that is. Read More »

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Giveaway: Win Galaxy Pirate Adventure, Mage Gauntlet, & Call Connect!

Fire up those Twitter accounts folks because it's time for another abso-freakin-lutely stellar giveaway here at iFanzine! Vying for your Re-tweets this week are a trio of must-have iOS games, including Galaxy Pirate Adventure, Mage Gauntlet, and Call Connect.... Read More »

Draw: The Showdown Review

Cel-shaded graphics and a Western theme? It's little wonder Raptus Games' App Store debut caught my eye the very moment it swaggered onto the App Store! Read More »

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First Look: Detective Grimoire

After much armchair sleuthing, we've prepared our report on Armor Games' upcoming casual adventure whodunnit, "Detective Grimoire!" Even if you've played the original Flash game that goes by the same title, get ready for some excitement, because the iOS... Read More »

The iFriday Roundup, No. 14

It's a parade of great updates in this weekend news roundup! TOME Studios earns an Indie Medal of Honor for their rapid reaction plan, and a number of games spanning the gamut of genres are similarly brought up for... Read More »

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