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Sword of Xolan Review

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey Review

Sweet Revenge Review

Tetrobot and Co. Review

Duke Dashington Review

Drop Wizard Review

The iFriday Roundup, No. 12

Another roundup of freebies, sales, iOS game news, and notable updates! Read More »

Hands-on Preview: Haunted Domains

We've begun Trick or Treat a little early here at iFanzine, visiting developers' doorsteps in search of goodies. One of the titles that's landed in our candy bag is Alawar's swift-approaching time management sim, "Haunted Domains!" Read More »

Interview With Miralupa

Check. It. Out! Stepping up to the interview plate this time are Elie Charest, Mathieu Dupont, and Serge Landry, who give us a peek into their upcoming Augmented Reality game, "Chromian Wars." This could be the wave of the... Read More »

Real Steel Review

"Real Steel" comes out in theaters on October 7, and we're giving Jump Games' videogame tie-in the review treatment to celebrate! All in all, I'd say it was well worth the look for the lesson I came away with:... Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Squids

If the past few weeks were excellent for Real-Time Strategy fans on iOS, the next few are bound to leave the Action RPG crowd in similar ecstasy. Recently we previewed Pixel and Texel's "Fara," and today it's The Game... Read More »

Vertex Blaster Review

Okay, so calling an iOS game ‘addictive’ may seem like a tired cliché at this point – heck, if their descriptions are to be believed, every second title on the App Store is basically digital crack, right? – but... Read More »

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Anthill Review

War is Hell. That's why it belongs only in extremely well-crafted and devilishly addictive strategy games, like this one! Read More »

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Interview With Bravado Waffle Studios

This time we virtually sit down with Stephen D., Art Director and marketing guru of Bravado Waffle Studios. Inside you can learn about this three-man team's upcoming strategy game debut, "RoboHero"! Read More »

GooMonsters Review

News flash: game made in cocos2d, gets high score from iFanzine. Digitally Bold's top-down slasher could still improve, but it's gotten so much right that it deserves more attention from the action and Action RPG crowds by our reckoning. Read More »

Hands-On Preview: Fara

Are you tired of the same old gameplay model appearing time and time again in iOS Action RPGs? Pixel and Texel feel the same way, and their aim is to usher in something quite different with their upcoming genre... Read More »

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