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Them Dumb Sheep Review

Squeezing the player between unintuitive driving mechanics and a constantly ticking clock, "Them Dumb Sheep" presents quite the interesting time attack challenge!

Pocket RPG Review

Tasty Poison Games' and Crescent Moon's "Pocket RPG" keeps its features surprisingly close to the vest. To find its juiciest morsels, you have to treat it just like the many monsters roaming its dungeons -- make it yield up its goodies with brute force!

Hands-On Preview: Battle Group

If you've been waiting for a really neat rail shooter to hit iOS, you'll want to keep an eye out for this upcoming collaboration from Bane Games, Squid Tank and Game Audio Australia!

Gun Fu Review

You've seen the preview. You've read the interview. Now it's time to reveal how "Gun Fu" stacks up against its App Store competition!

Fakepup Games Interview

The entire development team working on "Super Bit Dash" was kind enough to take some time out of their schedules to chat with us about their craft. Witness the evolution of Australopithecus OneLifeus into Homo Sapiens SuperBitDashus in this candid two-pager!

The Secret of Chateau de Moreau Review

Start with an Agatha Christie novel, stir in some delicious anime art, sprinkle in tons of clever brain-stumping puzzles, and you get Four Thirty Three's "The Secret of Chateau de Moreau." While not without some translation flaws, it's a truly gripping marriage of videogame and narrative. Here's to hoping there's more where this came from!

Croma Review

You can usually count on one of three things when it comes to iOS games: round objects, defending something, or a presentation that borders on truly psychedelic. Mindfruit Interactive decided to take advantage of all three in "Croma," an utterly stylish, sphere defense shoot 'em up!

Word Ball Review

Remember that vocabulary work book your eighth grade English teacher made you slave over back in the day? And how you thought none of that would ever really pay off? Well fear not, because Continuous Integration wants to put all your hard-won vocab knowledge to use in "Word Ball"!

Interview: The Multimedia Fusion 2 iOS Exporter

A couple weeks back we learned that Chris Carson, responsible for programming "Vincere Totus Astrum" and "Solar Rescue Densetsu" under the Gamesare Studios label, also happens to work for Clickteam. How could we pass up the chance to get a few questions answered about Multimedia Fusion 2 and the new iOS Exporter? Those with an interest in game design need to check this out!

Muffin Knight Review

"Muffin Knight" might just be the weirdest action game I've ever played. If you consider yourself an action or platformer fan, though, this one is well worth checking into for its unique approach to character class changing.