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Getaway – Zombie Plague Review

Bounce Vortex Review

Turret Alert Review

Racing Tyres Space Review

Jumpy Jester Review

Glidefire Review

Evil Dead Review

In Evil Dead by Trigger Apps, you play as Ash, the wise-cracking, axe-wielding hero taking on an ancient evil. Does the latest game to ride the Bruce Campbell cult vehicle live up to its license or is this just... Read More »

Tanglewood Review

What looks a whole lot like Tetris at first glance, but feels refreshingly different when you sit down and actually play it? Chances are it's Mark Davies' physics puzzle debut, "Tanglewood"! If you're a fan of physics puzzlers and... Read More »

Giveaway: Win Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Boost 2 & Up To The Top!

First things first, apologies for starting our weekly giveaway a little later than usual. To make up for my tardiness, I've popped a copy of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing into the prize-bag. Joining Sega's smash-hit Kart racer are... Read More »

Desert Zombie: Last Stand: Brand New Teaser Trailer!

Crystalised have just unveiled a second tantalizing teaser trailer for their upcoming Unreal Engine-powered FPS, Desert Zombie: Last Stand! Feast your eyes on this sneak peek at a series of gameplay stills and in-engine screenshots of the game in... Read More »

iRBot Review

It's sad to see an already simplistic sidescroller beaten down by something as simple as lack of auto-save and multitask ability, especially when it's got such an absorbing soundtrack. Alas, an update is badly needed to breathe a little... Read More »

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Up To The Top Review

This June on the App Store has been a month full of pleasant surprises. While big-name games were kinda light on the ground, brilliant break out indie titles like VineKing, Redneck Jellyfish and ShootingDemon kept the folks here at... Read More »

Lechuza Review

So close, and yet so far! "Lechuza" gives players an all-too-brief glimpse at a good Horror/casual adventure/Hidden Object mashup, and the game is ill served by the iPhone's small touchscreen. It does a great job of delivering an increasingly... Read More »

Blue Shadow Games Pack1 Review

The App Store truly is a bargain hunter's nirvana! If game devs aren't slashing the price-tags on their apps in celebration of Mother's Day, Father's day, If Pets Had Thumbs Day or whatever, then they're releasing dirt-cheap compilation packs... Read More »

Defender of Diosa Review

It had to happen eventually. So many iOS developers are riding the Castle Defense wave these days, and new ideas are running so short, that a group of combat-trained and magic-wielding civilians has arisen to defend - get this... Read More »

Redneck Jellyfish Review

The videogame industry celebrates death and destruction on a massive scale, so isn't it nice to know you can still have fun building stuff? This title is so unique that it practically defies genre categorization, but I've decided to... Read More »

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