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Scatty Rat Review

ReconInForce Review

Blowfish Rescue Review

SwapQuest Review

Kung Fury Game Review

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Review

Shadowgun Review

My, mobile gaming how you've grown! A decade or so ago, I thought being able to play Snake on my phone was sooo friggin' cool. Fast-forward to today, and I'm blasting my way through Madfinger Games' Shadowgun, a title... Read More »

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Interview With Pixel and Texel

Pixel and Texel's "Fara" is just one week away! You know what that means: it's time to whip out our interview with Andrew Strickland, one half of the dynamic duo behind this Action RPG. What's his advice for running... Read More »

Danger Alliance: Battles Review

"Danger Alliance: Battles" clearly illustrates the potential of the Turn-Based Strategy genre on iOS, proving that strategic depth can go hand in hand with a rock solid interface. Those concerned about the content-to-price ratio may very well be surprised... Read More »

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Battle Group Review

If you had asked me a week ago whether I'd ever give a rail shooter a perfect score during my game reviewing career, I would have said not to bet on it -- a game in this genre has... Read More »

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Giveaway: Q Pang Goes Free, Win 3 $10 iTunes Gift Cards to Celebrate!

BOBTAN Studio's critically acclaimed shooter, Q Pang, just received a huge update and went free, so we figured what the heck, let's throw a bonus giveaway this week to celebrate. And, wow, what a great giveaway it is!... Read More »

Offworld Games Interview, Part 2: A Chat With Developer Conlan Rios!

Today we finish our Offworld Games two-parter with Conlan Rios, the developer who's bringing "Legion of the Damned" to iOS. If you've played an iOS adaptation of a Reiner Knizia game, chances are Conlan was responsible for that, too! Read More »

Boss Battles Review

As far as free-to-play titles go, "Boss Battles" is surprisingly compelling thanks to its thoughtfully designed baddies and thorough upgrade system. Definitely worth a look if you can handle in-game ads and don't need bullet hell challenge to enjoy... Read More »

Offworld Games Interview, Part 1: A Chat With Author William C. Dietz!

Today we're honored to have prolific sci-fi author William C. Dietz in the hot seat! Thanks to Offworld Games, we were able to get in touch with him to ask about his script work on "Legion of the Damned,"... Read More »

jAggy Race Review

If Jet Car Stunts and Soosiz had a baby, it would be this sublimely unconventional and fiendishly inventive little game! Seriously, jAggy Race feels like App Store newcomers SevenOnly smooshed the best bits of two of my all-time favorite... Read More »

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Squids Review

If the $0.99 price tag on "Squids" isn't a release sale, please pinch us, because we must be dreaming. Let's put this in food terms: plunking down the purchase price for The Game Bakers' turn-based RPG debut is like... Read More »

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