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Strike! Ten Pin Bowling Review

Crazy Taxi: City Rush Review

Third Eye Crime Review

The Way Home Review

Tri Review

Mucho Party Review

SplitApple Review

Archery sims are few and far between. And it's not hard to see why; the mechanics of the sport aren't exactly the easiest to emulate within a virtual environment. So will MKO Games' SplitApple put a smile on the... Read More »

ShootingDemon Review

Watch out, Ash Williams — you’re not the only one in town with a boomstick anymore! The devils that populate TeamDB’s utterly bizarre App Store debut might have way more in common with candy canes than your average Deadite,... Read More »

To-Fu: The Trials of Chi Review

Sure, he may look a bit like Super Meat Boy, but does To-fu make a good substitute or is he too bland? Read on to find out folks... Read More »

Giveaway: Win Race After 1977, Spidey Riley & Redneck Jellyfish!

Wowzers, this week's promo code contest is a real doozy: we've got a whole bunch of codes for not one, not two, but three awesome iOS games up for grabs! Fire up your Twitter accounts to be in with... Read More »

Captain Slobber Review

I'm still trying to figure out why this bandana-wearin', heat-packin' pooch has outfitted his little sailboat with lasers and a jet engine, but suffice it to say Captain Slobber is out to prove that he's top dog. While this... Read More »

Mighty Fin Review

Breakout App Store hit Tiny Wings has opened the floodgates wide for cute and quirky side-scrollers, the latest of which is Launching Pad Games' Mighty Fin. Does this underwater adventure offer a fresh take on a formula that's already... Read More »

Dragon’s Lair II Review

Electronic Arts follows up its iOS port of "Dragon's Lair" with a port of the sequel! It's pretty amazing how a blast from the past like this has fundamentally stood the test of time, but that doesn't mean the... Read More »

Call of Mini: Zombies

Have you ever pondered what a third-person rendition of Minigore might look and play like? While Call of Mini: Zombie doesn't quite mimic the frenzied pace of Mountain Sheep's seminal dual-stick shooter, it is the closest 3D option currently... Read More »

Spidey Riley Review

Whoa! This one came out of nowhere and ensnared me in its charming web. Klik! Games has taken a gear-riding concept we've seen before and fleshed it out to its true potential. Highly recommended to anyone who could go... Read More »

Pitman Review

Rat King Entertainment has served up a rewarding experience for dungeon crawler and roguelike fans who are willing to dig a little! Read More »

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