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The Mystery of Haunted Hollow Review

Winter Games 2 Review

Top Ten iOS Games of 2014

Super Looper – Puzzle Game Review

Castle of Illusion Review

Crossy Road Review

Ninja Sniper Review

Watch out -- this one might blow your fingers off! Well, that's what some of the promotional material for "Ninja Sniper" suggests, but rest assured that sufficient work went into the translation of what little text lies inside. If... Read More »

Cute Shoot! Review

The whole hand-drawn graphics gimmick has been done a thousand times before on iOS, yet something about Morten Andersen's App Store debut, Cute Shoot!, still managed to pique this doodle-weary reviewer's interest. Yeah, you guessed it, it was the... Read More »

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DEO Review

Behold, a new cross between the side-scrolling platformer and the physics puzzler is born! Plugging "DEO" into a specific category is a challenge in and of itself, but if you're a fan of either of those genres you'll probably... Read More »

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Project: Breaking Point Review

"Project: Breaking Point" is what would happen if an "Arkanoid" arcade cabinet suddenly popped up in the middle of a techno rave. Rough around the edges but content-packed, this one promises a lot of entertainment for lenient genre fans... Read More »

Drag’On Review

If you've been following iFanzine for awhile you'll no doubt remember "Yslandia," brought to us by MovingPlayer and BulkyPix last October. I wasn't sure what to expect when MovingPlayer made the jump from MMORPGs to casual puzzlers, but after... Read More »

Gun Fu Hands-On Preview

As much a work of slick art nouveau as it is a videogame, "Gun Fu" is a good example of how much a developer can accomplish with a minimalistic approach. Read More »

Run Fox Run Hands-On Preview

Ok, so normally I would refrain from giving an upcoming game anything even approaching a definite appraisal until the end product has been released onto the App Store, but having put a beta build of Chris Johns' Run Fox... Read More »

Alpha Swarm Review

One of the App Store's true hidden gems, "Alpha Swarm" lifts elements from the logic puzzle, physics puzzle, and shoot 'em up genres, blending them into a wonderfully refreshing experience. Now, if only it weren't marred by a few... Read More »

Exitium In-Depth Review

With a slick four-viewpoint system, a gorgeous presentation, and a user interface that builds on the standard set by "Fantastic Knight" going for it, Minoraxis' "Exitium" is a product KRPG fans will definitely want to sink their teeth into.... Read More »

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Scream ‘N’ Run Review

Scream 'N' Run sidesteps convention by requiring you to use your vocal chords instead of fingers or thumbs to help your character dodge enemies... Read More »

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