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Boss Battles Review

As far as free-to-play titles go, "Boss Battles" is surprisingly compelling thanks to its thoughtfully designed baddies and thorough upgrade system. Definitely worth a look if you can handle in-game ads and don't need bullet hell challenge to enjoy a scrolling shoot 'em up.
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jAggy Race Review

If Jet Car Stunts and Soosiz had a baby, it would be this sublimely unconventional and fiendishly inventive little game! Seriously, jAggy Race feels like App Store newcomers SevenOnly smooshed the best bits of two of my all-time favorite iOS titles together to create something boldly and refreshingly different.
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Squids Review

If the $0.99 price tag on "Squids" isn't a release sale, please pinch us, because we must be dreaming. Let's put this in food terms: plunking down the purchase price for The Game Bakers' turn-based RPG debut is like going into a bake shop to buy a muffin, and coming away with a luxurious wedding cake without paying a penny more.

Haunted Domains Review

Alawar Entertainment's ushering in the Halloween season early with this time management game, originally developed by Artifex Mundi for the PC. Its status as a port comes as a drawback in the interface department on the smaller iDevices, but "Haunted Domains" is otherwise as compelling as it is spooky.

Hands-On Preview: Galaxy Pirate Adventure

Sunfish Studio's been playing close to the vest with its upcoming "Galaxy Pirate Adventure," a gorgeous tour-de-force slated to warp into the App Store later this month. Now we're ready to unravel some of the mystique surrounding this exciting sci-fi Action RPG!

Private Joe: Urban Warfare Review

Just when we're gearing up for the Halloween season, a number of iOS videogame characters are suiting up in military attire. Here to kick off this week's armed forces-themed coverage is "Private Joe: Urban Warfare," a port of a popular browser game coded in a language we don't see often on iOS -- HTML5!

Hands-on Preview: Haunted Domains

We've begun Trick or Treat a little early here at iFanzine, visiting developers' doorsteps in search of goodies. One of the titles that's landed in our candy bag is Alawar's swift-approaching time management sim, "Haunted Domains!"

Interview With Miralupa

Check. It. Out! Stepping up to the interview plate this time are Elie Charest, Mathieu Dupont, and Serge Landry, who give us a peek into their upcoming Augmented Reality game, "Chromian Wars." This could be the wave of the future, folks!

Real Steel Review

"Real Steel" comes out in theaters on October 7, and we're giving Jump Games' videogame tie-in the review treatment to celebrate! All in all, I'd say it was well worth the look for the lesson I came away with: certain things just shouldn't be automated.