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Whale Trail Review

"Whale Trail" won't convince you back into the infinite side-scroller genre if you've written it off for good, but if the occasional infinite game has become your guilty pleasure, this is definitely one to check into for its great physics and exquisite level of polish.

Fara In-Depth Review

One innovative Action RPG lands in the App Store right after another? Talk about a clash of the titans! "Fara" is another title that's completely worth your time if you're a genre fan, but if you're tight on cash and on the fence between "Fara" and "Mage Gauntlet," we'll be happy to help you decide with another in-depth review!

Mage Gauntlet In-Depth Review

Does the end draw nigh for KRPG dominance on iOS? RocketCat Games is offering a great looking alternative to the reigning model for 2D Action RPGs on iOS, that's for sure! This is an in-depth evaluation you won't want to miss!

Fractal Combat Review

"Fractal Combat" suffers for its repetitive missions and an upgrade system that has only marginal effects on gameplay. That said, it's got a solid interface and tons of missions to chew through, so genre fans might entertain giving this one a go at a buck as long as they're not expecting variety.

Interview with Sunfish Studio

To celebrate the release of "Galaxy Pirate Adventure" we're publishing our recent interview with Anthony Law, director of Sunfish Studio! Find out some of the interesting backstory behind this massive sci-fi Action RPG inside. And hold on a second -- did Anthony just give us a tip on where to find the coolest ship in the game? We think so!

Gravity Cat Review

This action adventure title sometimes jumps the shark in terms of difficulty, but on the whole it's a thoroughly enjoyable exercise in defying gravity. If the fact that the character has Weegee's eyes doesn't win you over, chances are its depth and breadth of content will!

Giveaway: Win Scribblenauts Remix, Siegecraft, Draw: The Showdown, & Scream ‘N’ Run!

Yay for us! We’ve stuffed iFanzine’s digital prize-bag with a dazzling array of must-have iOS games yet again this week! If you fancy winning free copies of Scribblenauts Remix, Siegecraft, Draw: The Showdown, and Scream ‘N’ Run, simply fire up your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ accounts and help us set the interwebs abuzz with word of this awesome contest. More info on what’s up for grabs and full entry details after the jump…

Kiloo Games Interview

Today we bring you our rapid fire Q&A with Jeppe Bisbjerg, producer of Kiloo Games' upcoming 3D action-adventure title, "Bullet Time!" Sounds like this one's going to be part gun slinger, part Action RPG, and all awesome.

Watee Review

A cute fluid physics puzzler, "Watee" is a basically creative entry in a genre that still has a ways to go before wearing out its welcome on iOS. Hey, that's more than you can say for a lot of the adorable creatures currently roaming around the App Store! This is one for genre fans to dive into if they appreciate the challenge of figuring things out on their own.

Ninja Guy Review

The skeleton-bashing, hog-skewering, pumpkin-carving exploits of "Ninja Guy" don't make a lick of sense, but that won't stop a cult following from springing up around the lisp-infused Engrish pouring out of his mouth as he rushes around proving his ninja-ness.