Hands-On Preview: Chromian Wars

iOS devs are keeping us busy here at iFanzine! No sooner did we hop out of the mech from "iDamaged" than we stepped into the lead tank of Miralupa's "Chromian Wars" -- and dove into the world of Augmented Reality gaming.

Symphony of Eternity In-Depth Review

In many ways, "Symphony of Eternity" plays like everything you could ever hope for in a JRPG: it serves up a truly great character class system, a competently delivered - if average - plot, and a battle system that encourages a strategic approach over level grinding. If only its environments weren't so tiny and restrictive!

Halloween Buyers Guide

The approach of Halloween has been making us wax nostalgic for all the spooky iOS games we've covered so far in 2011. And then we realized that we've covered a *lot* of spooky games -- so many that it's worth writing up an article to remind our readers about them, just in case you're haunting the App Store in search of a game that fits the season!

Squids Halloween Giveaway! Tweet Fast!

Something wicked this way comes! Wait...is that a squid wearing a jack o' lantern on its head!? You'll find that and more in The Game Bakers' first content update to "Squids!" And if you or a friend haven't picked up this slick tactical Action RPG yet, look inside for your chance to get it free, courtesy of The Game Bakers!

Updated Impressions: iDamaged

It's been almost half a year since we first climbed into The Red Thing's arcade mech shooter "iDamaged," so we got in touch with the developer and tore into a more recent beta build. Find our updated impressions inside, and if you're a shoot 'em up fan or a mecha aficionado this is definitely a title we recommend keeping in your crosshairs as it nears release!

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge In-Depth Review

You know, had I found myself in possession of a genie's lamp yesterday, I would have had one particular wish in mind: that the "Metroidvania" formula be brought to iOS to rejuvenate its Action Adventure library. It turns out that wish has just come true, and I had a genie to thank for it after all!

In Time Review

A good-looking and surprisingly entertaining survival running romp based on the upcoming sci-fi action blockbuster...

Interview with Infinite Dreams

We recently had a chat with Marek Wyszynski of Infinite Dreams, the creators of "Jelly Defense!" Check inside to see just how long iDreams' hit Tower Defense title was in production before it released last month, and find out whether we can look forward to its catchy alien-language soundtrack on iTunes!

Chicken Coup Remix Review

Chicken Coup Remix should enjoy a lengthy stay on the iDevices of casual gamers who seek frantic action and have a penchant for leaderboard competition. Don't look here for depth or evolving complexity though.

Zombie Samurai Review

The slicing genre may compete with the endless runner for most worn-out concept on iOS, but "Zombie Samurai" is a compelling package thanks to the way it marries the depth of the Castle Defense genre with swipe-at-everything gameplay.