Ewe are going to go crazy for this week’s giveaway because the prizes are totally BAArilliant! So what’s up for grabs this time, you ask? Well, we’ve got a stack of promo codes for Sheep Rush (hence those awful sheep-related puns), another stack for Super HEAVY Sword, and yet another stack for the freshly updated Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians. And you fine folks can win ’em all by entering below and rebleating… er, I mean retweeting… this post!

Read on for more info on all of these prizes, or simply skip to the end of the article for full entry details.

icon120_639201411Sheep Rush and Sheep Rush XL (out now, $0.99 iPhone/$0.99 iPad): Counting sheep is supposed to send you to sleep, but Technopia’s addictive and fast-paced color-matching puzzler Sheep Rush has entirely the opposite effect! The idea here is simple: as a flock of sheep gallop across your screen, you’ve got to tap on the white sheep while avoiding black sheep and the occasional ram. In addition to a lengthy single-player mode that spans 40 levels and 4 worlds, Sheep Rush also boasts ‘Insane’ and multiplayer ‘Party’ modes. Thanks to the generous folks at Technopia, we’ve got three codes for the iPhone/iPod touch version of Sheep Rush and another three for the iPad edition to give away!

icon_256Super Heavy Sword (out now, $0.99): Ash Jackson and Monster Robot Studios are back with a sequel to their half-million-selling, Super Mario Bros-inspired retro platformer HEAVY Sword (our review). Super Heavy Sword, as its name implies, is a pretty huge improvement over its predecessor and has plenty of new features including: two playable characters, a massive game world with 64 levels, epic boss battles, tons of crazy weapons and power-ups to collect, and much more. Ash has very kindly provided us with six Super Heavy Sword promo codes to give away!

yam_icon_roundedYam Yam: Puzzle Guardians (out now, $0.99): We originally reviewed Honey Tribe Studios’ quirky physics-based puzzler Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians all the way back in May of last year, and while we liked the game overall, we did have some problems with its controls and level of challenge. The good news is that the latest update to Yam Yam totally irons out all these issues (and more) — seriously, the game’s so much better now, it’s crazy. In celebration of Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians’ epic v2.0 update, Honey Tribe Studios have given us four codes to include in this contest!

As always, entering is simply a matter of…

A) Make sure you’re following iFanzine on Twitter and/or Facebook.

B) Retweet this post as many times as possible all this week! (or share it on Facebook, Google+, etc).

C) Let us know you’ve completed the above steps by dropping a quick message in the comments section below. (N.B. If your Disqus profile isn’t hooked up to your e-mail account, please include a valid e-mail addy along with your comment).

***We’ll select the winners at random one week from the publication date of this post. Please note that you’ll need a US iTunes account in order to redeem prizes.***

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