Another week, another amazing giveaway! Up for grabs this time around we have a foursome of must-have iOS games, including: Jet Set Radio, Bladeslinger Ep.1, The Walking Dead: Assualt and a whole bunch of promo codes for Necta Collecta! Read on for more info on all of these incredible prizes, or simply skip to the end of the article for full entry details.

Jet Set Radio (out now, $4.99): Hot on the heels of their re-release of Crazy Taxi (read our review), another of SEGA’s classic hits from the Dreamcast era rolls onto the App Store! The iOS iteration of Jet Set Radio faithfully re-creates every aspect of the original game, from the stylish cel-shaded visuals and funky soundtrack to its roster of outlandish characters and crazy stages, while also adding new-fangled features like touchscreen-friendly controls, Retina Display support and Game Center integration to the mix. We’ll gift a copy to one lucky winner.

Bladeslinger Ep.1 (out now, $2.99): Kerosene’s Bladeslinger Ep.1 was without a doubt one of this year’s most-anticipated iOS games… but now that it’s finally arrived, does this Western-themed third-person shooter live up to all the hype? Short answer: Heck, yeah! Bladeslinger recently received an Editor’s Choice award on the App Store and has managed to round up an impressive number of glowing reviews from both critics and gamers too. One copy up for grabs.

The Walking Dead: Assault (out now, $1.99): Now that Telltale’s The Walking Dead has come to a conclusion and AMC’s hit TV show of the same name is on one of those accursed mid-season breaks, you’re probably chomping at the bit for another fix of ‘walker’-slaying action, right? Well, look no further than TWD: Assault — the newly-released squad-based survival horror title from Skybound that follows Rick and co. through several arcs of Robert Kirkman’s award winning comic book series. We’ll gift a copy of this bloody brilliant game to one winner.

Necta Collecta (out now, $2.99): Rounding out this week’s array of buzzworthy prizes is Necta Collecta, an absolutely charming little game that we thoroughly enjoyed when we reviewed it last year. We’ve got four copies of this quirky action puzzler up for grabs thanks to Michael Buettner.

As always, entering is simply a matter of…

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C) Let us know you’ve completed the above steps by dropping a quick message in the comments section below. (N.B. If your Disqus profile isn’t hooked up to your e-mail account, please include a valid e-mail address along with your comment).

We’ll select the winners at random one week from the publication date of this post.

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  • Contest now closed! We’ll announce the winners shortly. 🙂

  • Congratulations to all this week’s lucky winners: InvaderRJ (Bladeslinger), Bill Norris (The Walking Dead: Assault) and Alexa06 (Jet Set Radio). Also, Daniel Chang, Sherry, Kyle Nolan and Jason Goralczyk, who each won a code for Necta Collecta thanks to Michael Buettner. Enjoy your prizes, folks! 🙂

    Oh, and we just launched another big giveaway for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Minigore 2: Zombies here:

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