Ready for your weekly chance to win a hand-picked selection of the biggest and bestest new iOS games? I sure hope so because we’ve lined-up an absolutely dazzling array of prizes! In the swag-bag this time ’round are Bug Princess 2, Gunman Clive, Beeing & Sky Gnomes! Here’s a little more info on each and every game you can win –

Bug Princess 2: CAVE keep the classy iOS ports comin’ with this, an “even more intense” (!) sequel to their classic “bullet hell” shoot-em-up, Bug Princess. Like the best sequels, Bug Princess 2 ups the ante considerably, and boasts 3 game modes worth of gloriously frenetic action, two playable characters, wonderfully precise touchscreen controls and much, much more. We’ve got one copy up for grabs!

Gunman Clive: If developers Bertil and Arne Horberg had called it “Mega Man Clive” we wouldn’t have known the difference – but that’s a great thing when you’re trying to resurrect the best 8-bit platformers all at once. Provided you’re up for a serious challenge, check out our review to see why you must enter to win our remaining copy if you’re a fan of action platforming and gunplay!

Beeing: We had some great family friendly fun with odaSoft and Chillingo’s Beeing, making it the big surprise in last week’s review queue. It’s an unassuming title that barely looks like a game at first glance, but darn it if it doesn’t get really good after you’ve spent some time with it! In our humble opinions more people would do well to take the leap of faith on this one, but here’s a risk-free copy on us.

Sky Gnomes: Foursaken Media, the team behind top-rated indie games like Mad Chef and Bug Heroes, soar back onto the App Store with Sky Gnomes, a quirky and compelling take on the racing genre that sees you riding through the clouds atop an array of wacky flying machines as they plummet toward the earth at at dizzying speeds! We’re giving one lucky reader the chance to take Sky Gnomes for a free test flight on us.

As always, entering is as easy as –

A) Make sure you’re following iFanzine on Twitter.

B) Re-tweet this post as many times as possible all this week! (or share it on Facebook, give the post a quick +1 etc). Bonus points for those of you who ‘like’ our Facebook fan page too!

C) Let us know you’ve completed the above steps by dropping a quick message in the comments section below.

*Please ensure you enter a valid e-mail address when doing so as we’ll need one to ‘gift’ certain games to the winners. We’ll select the winners at random one week from the publication date of this post.

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    This giveaway must support !!! love CAVE’s game very much ! i like Bug Princess 2 !!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • xbeta

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    Would very love to win a code for Bug Princess 2 since I’m a big fan of cave games!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and chance again! 😀

  • xbeta

    Forgot to mention that I shared it on G+ as Lonlon Yu, too! 😉
    Wish a luck!

  • Jenny


  • Another great giveaway guys! RTed as @appchasers! Liked FB as Eric John.

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  • Rubby

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    Huge fan of CAVE, Big love Princess 2 ! Thanks for the great giveaway. 😀

  • Ming

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    I can’t believe Bug Princess 2 will be on the list. Really hope to win and thank you for your generosity.

  • fA113n_ANGEL

    did everything and i would like to ride some bugs ; )

  • Nemesis

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Luke Sherwin

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    can’t believe all those gorgeous games will giveaway,your guys amazing!

  • Nelson

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  • Mei Ling

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    Sky Gnomes is on my mind. 🙂

  • Joan

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    Thanks for awesome giveaway.

  • Jackson5th

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    Thanks for the giveaway, Bug Princess 2 is most wanted 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I RT’d @jo_na_an Nice!

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    Thanks for the giving away.
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    thx for the giveaway!

  • Thunder

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    Bug Princess 2 and Gunman Clive are awesome.

  • Fish

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    Gunman Clive Please!

  • Technicat

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    Bug Princess 2! The gameplay is superb!

  • Spring

    Tweeted as @springlong on twitter! Likes as Liao Casse on facebook! Thank you very much for the giving away!

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bigrhet

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    Thanks for the giveaway and wish for good luck!

  • Salazar

    Bug Princess 2

  • RT @strivemind
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  • Alfonzo

    Sweet! Thank you for the chance. RTed as @alzep

  • BearBonnie

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    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  • jackchen

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  • rann

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    Thanks for the chance ^_^b

  • Robert

    I would like to win Bug Princess 2 please! I loved the other games in the series. Bug Princess was good but too short 🙂 Mushimesama Bug Panic was awesome and I’m still working my way through it. Twitter name @beyondcat and I tweeted. Thanks!

  • Sherry

    Tweeted @suqiongmao

    Bug Princess 2 please!

  • Tschida


    Thanks for the chance!


    RTed @IcefiraMan

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Delika

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    It’s so awesome of you guys for this giveaway!!! You guys are always trying hard to offer us those high-quality iOS games! Thanks a lot!

    If I were lucky to be favored by your pick-up system I’d like to have Bug Princess 2! I’m just falling love with almost all games of CAVE. CAVE is, as my view, one of the best developers in AppStore and its games are all of high quality!

    Love you all!

  • Lamis

    CAAAAAAVE O.O would most definitely want Bug Princess 2

    I RT alot as @ZarieoZ
    Share & like as @Lamis Ghaly

    Thank you 😀

  • okarakaya58

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    I like to win Beeing or Bug Princess 2.
    Thanks in advance !!!

  • agleung

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    Gunman Clive would be awesome!

  • jeroenb42

    RT jeroenb42

  • Done!

  • Diane C.

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  • R.Shiels

    Contest now closed. Congrats to the lucky winners: Luke Sherwin (Gunman Clive), Bigrhet (Beeing), chongjp (Sky Gnomes) & Rubby (Bug Princess 2). Enjoy the games! 😀

  • xbeta

    Congrats to the lucky winners! So much envy for their good luck! 😀

  • Bigrhet

    Received the gift for Beeing and much appreciated!

  • coolman128

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    RTed as cwkjp3

  • coolman128

    mistake… sorry ..

  • imosmo

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  • oIMOo


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