Strap yourselves in tight, folks, because we’re getting the week off to a flying start with another gigantic giveaway! Rev up your Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ accounts and get sharing this post to be in with a chance of winning free copies of Asphalt 8: Airborne, Pirate Legends TD and Cloud Spin!

Read on for more info on all of these prizes, or skip to the end of the article for full entry details.

photo-thumb-12328Asphalt 8: Airborne (out now, $0.99): iFanzine’s newest recruit Nathan Reinauer is putting Asphalt 8: Airborne through its paces in preparation for a full review at the moment. He’s really enjoying Gameloft’s latest installment in their OTT arcade racing franchise – as am I – so we figured we’d pop a copy of the game in the prize-bag, and give one lucky reader the chance to try it out for free.

36-130Q50T353C3Pirate Legends TD (out now, $0.99): We had the following to say about Super Hippo Studios’ iOS debut, Pirate Legends TD, in our recent review: “(it’s) got everything you could ask for in a tower defense game: a charming art style, a goofy personality, inventive levels, loads of upgrades, and, of course, towers and defending.” Seriously, if you enjoy the TD genre – particularly the Kingdom Rush series – you owe it to yourself to try this game!

Cloud-Spin-01Cloud Spin (out now, $1.99): Skytrain Studios’ Cloud Spin seemingly swooped onto the App Store out of nowhere and ended up being one of our favorite releases of the past couple of weeks! Smooth controls, breathtaking visuals, 2 unique gameplay modes, and a brilliant soundtrack make this flight sim an absolute must-have. We’ll be publishing our full review of this one during the week, so stay tuned for that too.

As always, entering is simply a matter of…

A) Make sure you’re following iFanzine on Twitter and/or Facebook.

B) Re-tweet this post as many times as possible all this week! (or share it on Facebook, Google+ etc).

C) Let us know you’ve completed the above steps by dropping a quick message in the comments section below. (N.B. If your Disqus profile isn’t hooked up to your e-mail account, please include a valid e-mail address along with your comment).

We’ll select the winners at random one week from the publication date of this post.

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    great to have these giveaways again!.only game i want here is Asphalt

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    Wow, Cloud Spin looks awesome! Can’t wait to read your review on that one! I’m in! I own Asphalt 8, and I confirm that it’s tons of fun, for anyone on the fence. Great giveaway again, and wonderful exposure for the devs! I had no idea that Cloud Spin was out there! RT’d as DCloseTweets.

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  • All done… Wish me luck this time… I wish for Cloud spin, looks like an awesome iPad only game. 🙂

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  • Contest now closed. We’ll announce the lucky winners both here and on Twitter shortly. 🙂

    • Peter Bohanna

      who won?

      • Sorry that we’re running a bit behind schedule this week. Selecting the winners right now & they’ll be announced within the hour. 🙂

  • Peter Bohanna

    who won?

  • Congratulations to this week’s lucky winners: Aldrin Juanir (Asphalt 8), Dreadnok (Cloud Spin) & Daniel Brown (Pirate Legends TD). 🙂

    • Dreadnok

      Whoo Hoo! I’m back! I finally won, it’s been too long thank you lucky rabbits foot

    • Daniel Brown

      Can you gift it to me because I cannot redeem in the UK?

      • Hey Daniel, I’m sure we can sort something out. I’ll be in touch with you by email shortly. 🙂

        • Daniel Brown

          Thank you R.Shiels. Can’t wait to be playing this game. Looking forward to an email from you.

          • No problem, I’m happy to help. Just emailed you. 🙂

          • Daniel Brown

            Theres a problem. Is there a way it can be gifted to me, like adding funds on a iTunes?

          • Just emailed you again, Daniel. Since you don’t have a US iTunes account or a PayPal account, I’m kind of stumped as to how we can gift you the game/send you funds to purchase it yourself. :/

  • Guest

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    • This contest is already over, I’m afraid. We’ll be launching another tomorrow though, so stay tuned for that. 🙂