“Eye-catching” is definitely the best way to describe Frozen Gun Games’ beautifully presented puzzler, Freeze! The Hamburg-based indie games studio dropped iFanzine a line earlier today to fill us in on what we can expect from Freeze! when it rolls onto the App Store in mid-November.

Judging by the trailer (see below), gameplay involves manipulating the forces of gravity — à la the likes of Cado and Naught — in order to help an oversized eye-ball escape from a series of maze-like levels. Freeze! will come packing 60 levels of mind bending rotating puzzles, original artwork from well known designer Jonas Schenk, a dark soundtrack by Swiss Trance & Electro Artist Karl Lukas, and full Game Center support.

Check out a teaser trailer for the game below, and be sure to roll by FrozenGun Games’ newly launched Facebook fan-page for more details and screenshots.

GIF via FrozenGun.com

  • Hi there,
    I’m the designer & programmer of “Freeze!” and I want to thank you for this preview and for grabbing the animated gif-eye from our work-in-progress website and using it here – nice touch, great!
    And thanks for showing me that there is a game called “Cado” – I didn’t know it and I’m a bit shocked now – I honestly thought that I was the first guy EVER to have this idea of game mechanics (it occurred to my while playing around with the absolutely great Box2D physics engine). It’s really weird how the creators of Cado and I had quite a few similar ideas, like the use of a spiral nebula as the exit.
    But I take some comfort in the fact that we have lots of stuff that’s not already presented in Cado, and that we use a different approach for the controlling of the game – in “Freeze!” you rotate the level with your finger, so this feels quite natural and you can use different speeds to spin the world and so the gameplay is quite different (Cado uses simulated buttons to spin the levels left and right).
    But from now on I won’t say anymore that “Freeze!” features a new game mechanics never seen before – this honor goes to Cado, they were there first.

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