Dreamy Giveaway: Dream:scape!

This one's sure to make a splash when it hits the App Store next Thursday. Here's some quick pre-release impressions now that we've played it fully. Oh, yeah, and did we mention we'll be giving away three copies? No, you aren't dreaming, silly -- look inside to find out how you can win one of them!

Digital Legends Interview

When someone responds to your interview questions with tons of videogame industry buzz words, you know you've got a veteran developer in the hot seat! Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO of Digital Legends Entertainment, lends us his perspective on what it takes to perform at the top of the heap in the ultra-competitive mobile market.

Brave Code Hands-On Preview

Lakoo, perhaps best known for the MMORPG "Empire Online," is trying its hand at an iOS exclusive, single-player Action RPG with the upcoming "Brave Code." Lakoo was generous enough to let our grubby little hands near a preview build, and take it from us: this is one to watch if you're looking for an Action RPG that completely shakes up the traditional genre formula!

Writers and Game Reviewers Wanted

As iOS gaming continues to gather steam and win over new fans, so too does our site. What this means is, every day, we're getting inundated with more and more intriguing review requests, news tips and brilliant interview opportunities. Waaaay more than our modest, three man outfit can handle actually...

Giveaway: Win Puckerz! Remastered & Grove Keeper HD!

We’ve got two top-rated games and a total of ten promo codes up for grabs this week! First up is Groundbreaking Games’ action-packed and addictive Puckerz!, which just received a massive new update. iPad owners who like their games quirky, cute and drop dead gorgeous are in for a real treat too with the HD version of Grove Keeper by CGMatic Co.

Air Force vs Luftwaffe Hands-on Preview

A tendril of black smoke belching from the bullet-riddled hide of my Hawker Hurricane, I swoop dangerously close to terra firma before jerking my iPod clockwise just before I hit the dirt. Soaring back upwards through the sky, I eviscerate a Jerry bomber with a hail of machine gun fire... Hell yeah! This truly is exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat stuff!

Order & Chaos Online: First Impressions

The long-awaited release of Gameloft's "true real-time, full-3D MMORPG", Order & Chaos, has finally happened. Following its initial Canada-only launch on Tuesday, the game is now available in App Stores globally. I quickly snapped it up and a full review simply wouldn't be possible at this point. Therefore, I've put together my first impressions for all of you who are as skeptical as I was about this title. Keyword: was.

‘Keep Ya Head Up Japan’ Giveaway!

You'll most likely remember that in the wake of the recent disaster in Japan, AppsJP and iPhoneGamerUK got together with an array of generous iOS games developers to launch a very special initiative that gave you the opportunity to make a charitabl...