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The Fish Dies in the End Review & Giveaway

The LOL-worthily 'meta' title which pokes good natured fun at the cruel inevitability's of the endless high score genre turns out to be a bit of a red herring, as that's as far as this game's black humor goes, but Gutenberg Neto's App Store debut, The Fish Dies in the End, will still reel younger iOS gamers in...

Bow Mobile Interview

The kind folks over at AppsJP served as our go-between for an interview with Bow Mobile CEO Ryosuke Jinno. Find out a little more background on the iOS release of Double Dragon, and Bow Mobile's future plans for the game, inside!

Monkube Interview

Sven Van De Perre of Monkube took some time out from his busy game development schedule to chat with iFanzine. You'll recall Monkube recently brought us "6th Planet," a fusion of game and comic book so interesting, cleverly designed, and well polished that we just had to give it a perfect score. Read inside for the story behind Monkube's debut project, and see whether "6th Planet" is just the tip of the iceberg for this must-watch iOS game development studio!

Paleolithics Promo Code Giveaway!

Up for grabs in this week's giveaway are five codes for Instant Games' innovative sidescrolling adventure Paleolithics. This fun and addictive game, which we recently awarded a well-deserved 4.5/5 stars, puts you in concurrent control of a family of cutesy cave people as they traverse a vibrant Jurrasic world, hunting and being hunted by an array of ferocious creatures, gathering materials and crafting rudimentary tools and weaponry.

Insane Giveaway: Final Fantasy III!

There's little doubt that a game of this pedigree has enough high quality content to merit the $15.99 price tag, but nevertheless, its surprise appearance has probably left a lot of iDevice owners thinking they might have to forego the Square Enix RPG goodness this time around. Well, that won't be true for one lucky iFanzine reader! Will it be you? Rev up that Twitter account of yours to find out!

Help Save the casualties in Japan, Get a Game in Return

In the wake of the recent devastating earthquake/tsunami in Japan, our good friends at iPhone Gamer UK and AppsJP have teamed up to launch a very special initiative that gives you the opportunity to make a charitable donation to one or more aid organizations and get an awesome iOS game like Double Dragon or Spirits in return.

Fabled Lands In-Depth Review & Giveaway!

It might not be that walkabout in Middle-earth you've always dreamed of, but Megara Entertainment's iOS adaptation of the nonlinear gamebook series "Fabled Lands" is still one of the better things to come along since sliced bread. Don't believe us? Then enter the drawing for Megara's massive giveaway for a chance to find out that we're right for free!
Robot 99 icon

Updated: ROBOT 99 Review & Giveaway

Having previously launched an iPad only version of ROBOT 99 to widespread acclaim, über-talented Taiwanese illustrator/award-winning web designer/first time iOS game developer Fu is back with a brand spanking new universal binery. And while, when played on a smaller screen, the multi-touch powered party aspect of this title does not really compute; overall, it remains a visually stunning and thoroughly addictive little time waster.
Bug Heroes

Bug Heroes Giveaway: 10 Codes up Grabs!

"It’s got everything an iOS gamer could ask for...without a doubt, Bug Heroes is the year’s first must-have release," is how we excitedly summed up Foursaken Media's smash-hit sophomore effort, shortly before honoring this genre-defying gem with our highest accolade, a fantastic 5 stars out of 5! Now, courtesy of the kind folks at Foursaken, iFanzine have 10 copies of this great game to give away to our readers!

Liv Games Interview

The interview goodness continues! This time we digitally chatted with Orian Livnat, one of the many talented minds behind Liv Games' genre-defying hit, Legendary Wars. Without a doubt, the story behind this game development studio has to be one of the most heartwarming - and dare we say, "legendary"? - to spring out of the economic recession.

Interview With Ryan Mitchell, Creator of Mission Europa

There's one question on the mind of everyone eagerly awaiting the release of Mission Europa right now: "Arrrgh, how long is this approval process going to take!?" Never fear, because Ryan Mitchell - the one-man army responsible for BansheeSoft's breakout title - has stopped by to regale us with stories about the game's development. Programmer, scripter, 3D modeler...is there anything this guy can't do!? Find out inside!