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Interview With “Wawa Land” Creator, Yann Fripp

Yann Fripp stops in to talk about his "Super Mario World"-esque platformer, "Wawa Land!" Read More »

Interview With D20Studios’ Ross Przybylski

Wow, that was quick – "Hero Mages" just landed in the App Store! Have an interview with developer Ross... Read More »

Interview With “On The Wind” Creator David Buttress

Taking his turn in the hotseat is David Buttress, gaming industry veteran and creator of the ultra-smooth auto scroller... Read More »

Interview With Michael Yatskar

Next up is Michael Yatskar, creator of "Towers." Find out more about this intriguingly fresh bullet hell action game! Read More »

Interview With Magnetic Studio’s Peter Lacalamita

We start off our back-to-back interviews today with Peter Lacalamita, an indie game designer of many talents. See how... Read More »

Interview With Kukouri Mobile’s Kim Soares

Kukouri Mobile founder and CEO Kim Soares graciously stopped in for a digital chat with us. Find out more... Read More »

Interview With Zephyr Games’ Kenneth Johnson

Look who's coming to the App Store with another Turn-Based Strategy title! We chat with Kenneth Johnson of Zephyr... Read More »

Interview With Keith Curtis of Kc8 Studios

The head of Kc8 Studios is the latest dev to jump into the hotseat! Check inside for more on... Read More »

Interview With Shane Brouwer of Initials Command

Shane Brouwer, the captain at the helm of Initials Command Center, steps into the hotseat to chat about "Super... Read More »

Interview With Lee Dotson of ZarkSoft Games

So, are ZarkSoft prepared for the pending release of their space MMO "Empire of the Eclipse?" Yeah, we'd say... Read More »

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