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…we’re always happy to chat!

Want to get in touch with the team here at iFanzine to request a review of your iOS game, give us a juicy news tip, or simply just to say “hi”? Please drop us a line at our all-purpose email address: ifanzine[at]gmail.com

Below you’ll find some further information on how best to reach us regarding the various services our site offers to iOS game developers and publishers.

Review Requests

We’ll happily consider reviewing games of all shapes and sizes, whether they were produced by a big-name studio or a previously unheard of independent developer on a shoe-string budget. Seriously, we’re very indie-friendly around these parts, so don’t be shy!

For your convenience, here are a few quick tips for what to include when submitting your game to us for review — none of the following are mandatory, of course, but they may well boost your chances of getting coverage and speed up the process for everyone involved.

  • A short ‘n’ sweet synopsis/overview of your game, focusing on its USP(s)
  • Screenshots and promotional art/imagery
  • Video e.g. Youtube or Vimeo URLs
  • Links to your App Store listing, website and social media account(s)
  • 1-2 promo codes

Preview Requests

Pretty much the same procedure as outlined above. Additionally, we can provide iDevice UDIDs and/or our editorial team’s Testflight account details on request if you would like us to conduct and publish a hands-on preview of your game ahead of its release.

Run a contest or set up an interview

Contests and interviews are both fantastic free means of promoting your games and/or company, and we’ll gladly help with both. Check out the Features section of our site for some great examples.

Advertising Queries

You can browse and buy advertising space on our site here. If you happen have any queries before making a purchase or would like to organize a ‘Site Takeover’, please feel free to get in touch via the email address above and/or advertising[at]ifanzine.com

Oh, and don’t forget to follow iFanzine on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks! :)

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  • Philipp


    Since the 25th of August our App is out! So I wanted to ask if you could review it?
    That would be awesome!

    Here the most important informations about the app

    GuessWhat turns your pictures into a fun quiz game

    You like taking pictures with your iphone and playing quiz games? Then you will love GuessWhat Quiz.
    Cause it combines both elements to a fun picture quiz.
    Choose your objective, take a picture, ad hints and see if your friends can guess what it is.
    The only limitation is your own creativity.

    GuessWhat Quiz lets you:
    – Guess images in single player modus. (Will ad each month more levels)
    – Challenge your friends and players around the world
    – Sharing your images on facebook
    – Play GuessWhat Quiz on your iPhone or iPad

    GuessWhat Quiz want let you:
    – Have you to pay for extra hints or stuff inside the app.

    Here are two videos of GuessWhat Quiz in action



    This app is available here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/guesswhat-quiz/id553189121?l=de&ls=1&mt=8

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the app.
    We will be glad to provide you as many promo codes as you need for
    testing and for running contests/competitions on your site.

    Thank you in advance for considering the app for review,

    Email: contact@guesswhatquiz.com
    Skype ID: philpush
    Twitter: @guesswhatquiz

  • pr@realore.com


    We would like to ask you to review our new game All my Gods HD.

    PC version of this strategy topped the charts at GameHouse, Boonty, iWin and Big Fish Games. All my Gods allows you to play as a Roman God and build your own Empire.

    iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/app/all-my-gods-hd/id540314767
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUsvjUcDo3o

    Feel free to ask us for promo codes for testing and giveaways.


  • Sylwester


    Today we released a new version of our most popular app “ArtStudio for iPad”.
    We added tons of new features:
    – Healing brush for removing pimples, wrinkles etc.
    – Elastify filter (similar to Liquify in Photoshop)
    – many more

    Price: $4.99
    iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id364017607
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SfPXLbKMz8

    Ask us for codes
    Please consider reviewing it on your website.
    Sylwester Los
    Lucky Clan

  • Adrien


    We would like to ask you to review “Photo-Radar” on your site.

    The application includes following features:
    -Shows GPS coordinates of your picture
    -Shows the date
    -Copy coordinates to clipboard
    -Add to the map as many pictures as you need

    Link below is a short demo-video:

    Best Regards,
    Adrien Vernimmen

  • Olga


    We would like to ask you to review “Solar Walk Saturn” on your site. This app is a stunning digital model of Saturn and its moons and is currently free of charge. I would appreciate if you help spread the word about it.

    iTunes link:

    The app was just launched and is already #33 top free reference app in United States.
    Best Regards,

  • Mogens

    Business Plan App for Entrepreneurs – a review please
    Body of the inquiry (2000 chars version): Hello,
    I would be proud if you would review “Business Plan for Entrepreneurs” on your site.

    This app guides you smoothly and easily through the issues you have to consider before you register your company. You will know much more about business start than most people

    This app is a step-by-step guide that takes the mystery and confusion out of starting a business. It covers 9 main issues you must know about to get a successful business. Each issue is explained by 6-10 text articles and examples. It also contains three completed business plan

    App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/business-plan-for-entrepreneurs/id400755737?mt=8
    Price is 2,99

    We will be glad to provide you as many promo codes as you need for testing.
    If you wish to run a contest/competition for promo codes on your site – we will also be glad to provide you several promo codes for this as well.

    Take Care
    Mogens Thomsen, Founder
    Thomsen Business Information

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