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Monkube Interview

Sven Van De Perre of Monkube took some time out from his busy game development schedule to chat with iFanzine. You'll recall Monkube recently brought us "6th Planet," a fusion of game and comic book so interesting, cleverly designed, and well polished that we just had to give it a perfect score. Read inside for the story behind Monkube's debut project, and see whether "6th Planet" is just the tip of the iceberg for this must-watch iOS game development studio!

Fabled Lands In-Depth Review & Giveaway!

It might not be that walkabout in Middle-earth you've always dreamed of, but Megara Entertainment's iOS adaptation of the nonlinear gamebook series "Fabled Lands" is still one of the better things to come along since sliced bread. Don't believe us? Then enter the drawing for Megara's massive giveaway for a chance to find out that we're right for free!

Hunters: Episode One Review

The primordial soup of perfection can be found in Rodeo Games' first offering: an intriguing premise, standout gameplay features, and an excellent user interface that takes full advantage of the iOS. Sadly the product as a whole still feels a bit too underdone for widespread mass appeal, but Turn-Based Strategy fans are still doing themselves a favor in checking this one out.

6th Planet Review

Five out of five chimps agree: this mega collaboration from Monkube and a number of art studios is the best darn iteration of "lunar lander" you'll find on the iOS. Boasting perfectly fine-tuned physics, a wonderfully illustrated sci-fi story filled with as many twists as the game's complex levels, and a pick-up-and-play interface, 6th Planet gives the iOS gamer just about everything he or she would ever look for in a videogame -- and then some!

‘Legendary Wars’ In-Depth Review

2011 just isn't letting up on superb entries in the iOS games library, is it? Liv Games joins the ranks of expert iOS developers with a Real-Time Strategy/Castle Defense/RPG combo that's as addictive as it is beautiful. One interface flaw deprives it of a perfect score, but Legendary Wars is a clear winner with healthy cross-genre appeal.

Gravonaut Review

Now, here's something refreshing: an App Store entry that makes absolutely no pretenses. Right off the bat Nexus Game Studios lets you know that Gravonaut is very retro -- and very, very challenging. If you think you're prepared for this level of difficulty just because your gaming days started when cutting edge releases used to look like Gravonaut...think again!

Bug Heroes In-Depth Review

Bug Heroes was already excellent when it took the App Store by storm last week, but Foursaken Media's first "bug" fix update has brought it to the level of pure gaming bliss. It doesn't really matter which genre you're most fond of; Bug Heroes has something for everyone, whether it be a creative premise, furious onscreen action, high score competition, or deep player character customization.

Bug Heroes Hands-On Preview

Foursaken Media has given iFanzine a sneak peek at its upcoming release, Bug Heroes. The idea of mashing up the Dual-stick Shooter, Action RPG, and Castle Defense genres might sound outlandish at first, but we're absolutely loving the results!

Galaxy on Fire 2 In-Depth Review

You know how everyone's been clamoring for a sci-fi RPG lately? Fish Labs has an answer for that. While there's nary a hit point to be found in Galaxy on Fire 2, its superbly delivered story and characterization, incredible depth, and overall genre-defying appeal should fit the bill for anyone interested in seeing what happens when roleplaying and adventure are mixed with a little 3D space action.

Samurai II: Vengeance Review

MADFINGER's followup to Samurai: Way of the Warrior brings to mind combo-heavy action games of the PlayStation 2 era owing to formidable gameplay and not just its luscious visuals. If you're squeamish at the sight of blood you need not apply, but otherwise this is one of the year's must-have titles for action fans especially.

Marblenauts Review

Yes, they really are a cross between marbles and astronauts -- and getting these little'uns out of their most mysterious predicament constitutes one of this year's must-have iPhone puzzle games.

Elevators – Review

Back in the 1980s, scaling a tall building and taking on the giant homicidal ape clinging to its pinnacle would net the daring everyman one distressed damsel - ...