Gwen Phua

Mansion Run Review

Retro-styled "Mansion Run" is a simple endless runner that will put your fingers to the test while helping a spiffy skeleton dodge ghosts and furniture.

The Seed Review

"The Seed", a physics-based puzzler by Little Bit Games, impresses with its well thought out and challenging levels...

Monkey Boxing Review

"Monkey Boxing" shows how cute primates can be even when they get brutal, but its overly simplistic gameplay doesn't have much holding power.

The Secret Castle Review

Platronic's "The Secret Castle" isn't your typical hidden object adventure with its 3D rooms, which take object interaction to a higher level.

Fetch Review

Explore a futuristic world of corporate dog snatchers in "Fetch", a point-and-click adventure by Big Fish Games.

Gwen Phua

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