Gwen Phua

Shark Attack 2 Review

"Shark Attack 2" looks like a fun defense game styled after "Plants vs. Zombies", but despite being a paid app it's got freemium-like IAP trappings.

Iesabel Review

"Iesabel" offers the opportunity for dungeon-crawler lovers to team up with friends online to battle evil.

Hungry Lizards Review

"Hungry Lizards" looks cute and simple enough to entertain young kids, though some older gamers may find this game of timing repetitive.

Omicron HD Review

With its set of color-changing tiles, "Omicron HD" offers you the chance to test your reflexes, but not much beyond that.

Sparkle 2 Review

Despite being yet another marble shooter, "Sparkle 2" shines with its fast-paced gameplay and numerous power-ups.

XnO Review

"XnO" is a fun physics-based game in which you're challenged to knock down cans while dodging evil puffer fish.

Gwen Phua

Senior Editor