Gwen Phua

Sky Tribes Review

"Sky Tribes" is yet another game that's jumped on the "Clash of Clans" bandwagon, but at least it offers some newness.

Tengami Review

Both a pop-up book and adventure game, "Tengami" welcomes you into its Zen-like world of paper with gorgeous artwork and beautiful music.

Mega Jump 2 Review

"Mega Jump 2" is similar enough to its predecessor to make loyal fans happy, yet offers enough newness to prevent the game from feeling stale.

Tree Wars Review

If most strategy games seem too simple for you, you may enjoy "Tree Wars", a demanding battle of squirrels against devious beavers.

Numerity Review

Find hidden pictures by picking out numbers big and small in "Numerity", a mathematical hidden objects game.

Gwen Phua

Senior Editor