If you’ve visited the App Store recently, you’ll have noticed something special. Apple is throwing the spotlight on indie developers and their games in a big way all this week, with numerous feature sections devoted to indie-made titles and heavy promotion of new releases like Kunabi Brother’s Euclidean Lands and Nimblebit’s Bit City. Of course, it wouldn’t be a major App Store promotion without a sale or two, so there are also some unmissable deals available on a range of indie classics.

To begin with, in no particular order, here’s the full list of what’s up for grabs for 99¢ in Apple’s epic ‘Indie Greats’ sale:

Botanicula: Was $3.99 » Now $0.99

Road Not Taken: Was $3.99 » Now $0.99

Sorcery! 3: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Bicolor: Was $1.99 » Now $0.99

Surgeon Simulator: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

Prune: Was $3.99 » Now $0.99

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon: Was $4.99 » Now $0.99

The Room Two: Was $1.99 » Now $0.99

Bean Dreams: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

VVVVV: Was $2.99 » Now $0.99

Not enough for you? Well, here are a few more indie games currently on sale:

LIMBO: Was $4.99 » Now $1.99

Blitz Breaker: Was $2.99 » Now $1.99

Thomas Was Alone: Was $4.99 » Now $1.99