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Out of Brakes Review

Lara Croft GO! Review

Neon Drive Review

Zombie Food Review

Number Chef Review

LIT Review

Pink Heaven Review

Combo Quest Review

The Best Black Friday Deals on iOS Games

A round-up all the biggest and best Black Friday bargains... Read More »

‘Lara Croft GO’ Gets a Huge Update, Goes on Sale Again

"Lara Croft GO" is back on sale again to celebrate a massive new content update... Read More »

Out of Brakes Review

"Out of Brakes" is an entertaining endless obstacle-dodging game with cubist-artwork and no exploitative IAPs... Read More »

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Getting ‘Ghosts of Memories’ for $0.99 Is a SPECTREacular Bargain

Paplus has slashed the price of "Ghosts of Memories" from $2.99 to $0.99! Read More »

Notably Surreal Adventure Game ‘Memoranda’ Is Coming to iOS

Following a successful Kickstarter, "Memoranda" is headed to iOS... Read More »

Lara Croft GO! Review

"Lara Croft GO!" is a wonderfully produced experience that features tons of carefully crafted puzzles... Read More »

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Snag ‘Hitman: Sniper’ at Its Lowest Price yet, $1.99

Square Enix has shaved a whole 3 dollars off the price of "Hitman: Sniper"... Read More »

Help Kickstart ‘Zompire Wolf,’ an Endless Runner With a Monstrously Weird Main Character

DurtBird's Kickstarter campaign for "Zompire Wolf" is doing really well so far... Read More »

Neon Drive Review

"Neon Drive" is a neon-infused synth-laden tough-as-nails retro-inspired driving-experience... Read More »

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Zombie Food – No Candy For Halloween This Year Review

"Zombie Food" is sort of a Halloween-themed version of "Flappy Bird"... Read More »

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